Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 54: Billabong Surf watching, dinner with the Orbecks, and exercising patience and faith.

Hi everyone! This week was super great!

On Monday after emailing and reports we drove down the Teahupoo to watch the BILLABONG PRO! It was so sick! The Billabong Pro is the world's biggest surfing competition, so we saw surfers like Kelly Slater and Gabriel Madina. It was so awesome! We showed up thinking that we would just watch from the shore, but no! A guy came up to us and was like, "Are you guys looking for a boat?" So he totally gave us an amazing discount and we went out on the boat to watch the surfers. 

When we got there, we totally saw another zone of missionaries on another boat. It was Elder Loamanu and his zone! So our guy moved us to like the front row of all the boats! It was so crazy! It makes me want to go and surf haha...I guess I'll have to come back to do that in another year!

We had our multi zone conference on Wednesday and it went from 9:00-4:00 in the afternoon but it was super awesome. I love these conferences because they get me pumped and totally recharged for missionary work! It's honestly like Christmas because you get a bunch of new ideas and new things you can try with your investigators and you can't wait to try out your new gift!  Elder Elledge, my old companion, and his companion (zone leaders of Papeete) gave a lesson. It was super funny because Elledge is just a pretty funny guy haha! Then the assistants spoke to us and then we ate lunch. President and Sister Bize gave a lesson too, and it was super uplifting and great.

Thursday was another normal day of lessons and we got down to business!

We had our district meeting on Friday and our zone had a pretty tough week so we went and got everyone banana shakes and brought it to them later that night.  This is a tough zone with some work that needs to be done, but we are going to get there.  We just talked to each of them a bit more about their areas and what they can do the get things moving forward. It was a good experience and hopefully it helped a bit. 

Then we got together with the Orbecks!! It was great to see the family I taught in my first area, Fa'aripo. They invited us to dinner so we went to go we will pass up a dinner invitation! Haha! They talked about their trip to Utah and they loved it! Thanks for taking them around and making them feel welcome. 

That night I ate Sashimi which is awesome! It's pretty much just raw fish with this amazing sauce. It's my favorite food here and also the Poisson Cru which is like raw fish in a salad thing.  It was super amazing!  

On Sunday we fasted for our area and zone and went to church.  Then we did the numbers for our zone and did more lessons.  It was a good day.

This week I really learned that I need to have patience with God and trust that things need to happen when the time is right. This area is a little bit harder that the others I have been in so far.  I'm not really sure why it struggles, but Paxman and I have been working so hard and things don't seem to be going our way.  We are just a bit stressed! But after the fast that we decided to do, the members started giving us more referrals and wanted to come to lessons with us. It may seem like just a small thing, but now we know that the Lord is with us in our work!! Sometimes we need to develop patience even with our Father in Heaven.  He will always bless us for our work and our efforts but he blesses us in is own time and way; we just have to keep pressing forward in faith and the Lord will do the rest!

Have a great week!

Elder Boyd

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