Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Week 52: Leadership meeting, big area goals, and learning to submit your will to God's will


Another great week in Tahiti....here are the best details!

Last Monday we spent the day in Moorea. It was super dope.  We just spent time and talked to the Elders there, who are in our zone, so we get to always stay in contact with those guys! We had the chance to tour that island and it's super pretty!  It's just a chill little island, and reminds me of Bora Bora. After that, we had FHE with a great family and a few investigators.

On Tuesday we started out the work week with some pretty good and effective lessons.  An investigator I really like named Jims (not Jim, but Jims) had a great lesson with us. He only has four fingers in total. I'm not sure what happened, but he is super nice, and super interested in the gospel!  It's fun teaching him because he gets it! He bore his testimony about how God tests our faith in order to give us blessings. Every missionary wants to teach an investigator like him!  What a great guy!

Wednesday was kind of a slow day.  We had a bunch of lessons planned but a lot of them fell through.  We were able to have a few lessons but we really need to work this new area.

Then on Thursday we had our "conseille des dirigeants".  It's the "council of leaders" meeting. It is a meeting with all of the zone leaders and the assistants and President and Sister Bize. It was an awesome meeting, I saw a lot of my good missionary buddies, like Elders Drugeon, Elledge, Dalton, Duncan, Lo'amanu, and Hill. It was cool to see them there and to talk to them all. 

In the meeting we talked about our roles as leaders in the mission, and how we can help our zone. I learned that for the moment Arue isn't doing too hot, But Elder Paxman and I are really looking for some things that can help to turn this new area around! The meeting was perfect...we got such good ideas and that will help our zone! We were in the meeting from 9-3 in the afternoon so yeah, you can tell how focused our president is on the missionary work! It's cool to be a part of all that, and to just talk about missionary work for the whole mission.  It's definitely a lot more work but it's super awesome. Then we had English class, and this lady said that I looked like Brian from Fast and Furious, so yeah Paul Walker haha! It's the third time I have been told that in the last few months!

Friday was our Zone Meeting, so Elder Paxman and I had to teach the lesson and we decided to talk about the potential of the zone, and what we can do.  We set a goal together, and our goal is to have 10 baptisms in the zone before September 15th! After the meeting Paxman and I called the Stake President and set a meeting with him so that we can try and get some support from the stake!

Saturday was a busy day and we had a bunch of lessons and it was super good. On Sunday we went to church and after that we did our numbers for the zone. Then we had a meeting with the stake, and it was a super good meeting. We talked about our goal, and the stake is super excited about all of it. I think they are really going to help us out, by motivating the bishops and going to visit our investigators with us so they will feel part of the ward family. So we are super excited for the future of this zone and feel like we have set up a pretty awesome plan!!

Today we are going to play basketball in Papeete with everyone on Tahiti...I'm super pumped! I'll get to see so many of my old mission buddies! It's been a long time.

To be honest, it's super weird to be back in Tahiti.  I miss Bora a lot, but I know that the Lord needs me here working for this sector and zone.  I learned a lot this week. The main thing that I learned is to submit  all of your will to God! If we can accept that God knows best, it'll be so much easier to follow Him, and we will be guided to what needs to be done. If we do this, we will have peace in our lives and will move the work forward.

Have a good week and love ya!

Elder Boyd

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