Saturday, August 5, 2017

Week 103: Last Letter home, final visits, and testimony

Soooooooo this is gonna be my last letter because it is my last P-day on the mission. It feels super weird to be writing you guys for the last time, and the next time I talk to you all is gonna be in person!!! 

This week with all of the partying on the island over with, we were finally able to go and see some people and they weren't too busy!! Tuesday we went to see Moeata and caught her at a time when she was making sculptures. She makes some really cool stuff! I got a few pics so you can see them, but she was doing really well. 

We talked for a really long time about everything really and it was great to see her less busy. We went back to see her Thursday and had a money lesson with her!! She is one of the easiest investigators to teach because she just gets it really well!! It's easy to see that one day she will be baptized!! 

Soooo sad news with Aldo; he will not be baptized on the tenth because he is not yet ready, but he is determined to make a difference and keep progressing, and we are totally okay with it because we feel the same thing. We feel that he is just not ready yet. It has been so great to really get to know him! He and his family are just the funniest people ever, and I know that one day they will be sealed in the temple forever!! 

Today Aldo took us up this huge was sweet! I was sitting up front talking to him, and we had a great conversation about the temple and the sealing. I told him about how I remember when my family and I were being sealed to my little sister, Kennedi!! I was sooo little (4 years old), but I still have the image of us around the altar as a family, and my sister in the middle. I don't know why I still have the image in my head, but I remember that!! Aldo really wants that for his family as well!!

We have some members from Nuku Hiva who came here to visit us yesterday, and they will be staying until the 13th, sister Ellis and the ward mission leader, brother Butcher. They are great, and we have really been needing their support, especially for the sisters here. They have really been needing it, so it's great having them here for my last week.

Visiting Melodie

It feels a little bit weird being at the end of my mission... I feel like it's just begun. I feel like I'm just now learning what it takes to be an amazing missionary, and I'm going home....... but I've really learned that in the mission if you do your best the Lord will do the rest (hey that rhymed, unintentionally), like in D&C 133:59  "And by the weak things of the earth the Lord shall thresh the nations by the power of his Spirit."

This verse has described my mission. The mission has been a place where I have never felt so weak and powerless, but when I relied on the spirit, then I was strengthened! The Lord doesn't want his missionaries to be perfect; that wouldn't fulfill his purposes. But if we do our best, the Lord will turn us into the people he has intended us to be while helping His children come unto Him in the process of all this! 

I have come to know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet called of God to restore the Church of Jesus Christ again on the earth, and to translate the Book of Mormon. I know that the Book of Mormon is true, and I know that all these things were done by God himself!! God loves us all and only wants us to be happy! If we keep His commandments that is what we will be!!

I will miss the Tahitians and Marquesans. I have learned so much from them and their way of life! They are sooo nice, and soooo generous, and I was lucky to have spent two years serving them!! I love these people!!!!

I love you all too, and I'll see you really soon!!! Pray that I'll make it back safely, hahaha.

Elder Boyd