Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 50: Last full week on Bora; I'm going to miss these people!

This was another great week!

On P-day we played basketball again. It was so fun! There were so many people there, we've started quite the tradition and yeah, I love the group of people that we play with; it's super fun! After that we had FHE with a great little inactive family, and it was awesome. We talked about the restoration and it was a really great time. 

Tuesday was a busy day, like every Tuesday! We headed out for our first lesson, and then Elder Rybin got super sick, it was kinda freaky because he turned super pale, and I was worried. We went straight to Papi Pierre's house for a blessing. He did the anointing and then I did the sealing and blessing. Papi was happy because it was the first time he has given a blessing to an Elder! Rybin seemed much better, so later that day we taught our lesson to Aaron and invited him to be baptized.  He is going to pray and think about it, and I hope he feels good about everything. He's great. We will see him tomorrow so we will get the news...pray for him!

We did exchanges on Wednesday and Elder Heiata was in my area with me. It was a good day; I learned some cool things from him. His situation is interesting since he is from Raiatea, the island right next to Bora, so he can see his home from here everyday! I think that would be super tough, but he's a good Elder. 

We had our District Meeting on Friday and we talked about our areas and how we can help them get better and be more efficient missionaries.  It was my turn to give a small lesson, so I taught about the importance of teaching to make the investigator understand, it was pretty good, and ran smoothly. Then we went to Matira Beach to one of the good restaurants, because we knew that Elder Ruff and I were probably going to leave on this transfer. It was super good!! We finished the day with a bunch of lessons... it was a good day.

That night we received transfer calls, and I am leaving just as I thought. I will be heading back to Tahiti, to be a Zone Leader in a town called Aru'e. My new companion's name is Elder Paxman, and he has been out for almost 21 months. He and I will be Zone Leaders for the zone of Aru'e, and we will be serving in the neighborhood of Tahara'a! I will be in a car now for the first time in a year! It will be a little break from the bike, haha! I will be leaving Bora Bora on Thursday morning. 

Sunday I felt sad, because it was my last Sunday with the ward here. During sacrament meeting, I had the blessing of seeing Warren, Steeve, and Sylvain (3 of my recent converts) blessing the sacrament together. It was amazing to see their spiritual growth, and their change of heart from when I first met them. I felt truly humbled to see them there together blessing the sacrament in our little ward, and I feel grateful that with the Lord's help I was able to be an instrument in helping build the kingdom on this beautiful island! The past few months have flown by and I can't believe how the gospel has changed the lives of so many. 

So yeah, I'm really gonna miss Bora Bora. Spending six months on this small island talking to people about the gospel was an awesome experience for me. Bora has become my second home, and there will always be a place in my heart for this beautiful island. I'm going to miss the people here the most. This island is so amazingly pretty, but it is the people of this island that have made it a beautiful and special place to me!

Have a good week. I love you all!

Elder Boyd

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