Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 51: So many came to say Goodbye ... Leaving my heart in Bora Bora with no regrets

Hey everyone...this was quite a week!

This past Monday was my last P-Day on Bora and after emailing we had to help do some stuff for the car and then I got my hair cut and played my final game of Bora basketball. It was a good time!

Tuesday was my last official day in my area. We worked super hard and we got a bunch of lessons done, I was proud of my last day in my area. I wanted to give it my all to the very end. Then my replacement came, which pretty much means I got kicked out of my area so that the new elder and Elder Rybin could start working together and transition as quickly as possible. I had to go and work in Anau for a couple of days and it was really fun.

On Wednesday I was in Anau with Elder Lewis for the day and that night Elder Brunet allowed me to go and say goodbye to some of my members. We ate with Steeve and Aloha that night and it was great to spend one of my last nights with them. Thursday was the same; we worked during the day and at night I got to say goodbye to a few more members. For lunch Craig wanted me to come to his restaurant (Bloody Mary's) and eat a burger with him before I left. That was pretty awesome. Craig is a great guy and I'm gonna miss him! We ate dinner that night with Ioane and Purea and they were so great.

Friday was the big came so quickly. That morning we went to the dock to go and wait for the boat to take me to the airport. When we pulled up, all of the members were there and all of the people I had taught and baptised over the past six months! I was sooo happy, because I actually got to say goodbye to everyone! 

Papi Atiu brought his ukulele and played the "Bora Bora Song" and the "Goodbye Song" and they all sang along. I was just overwhelmed! 

Then they all came to me one by one and gave me a hug...I can't even explain how I felt. And then I went to the boat. It was a good feeling to see everyone who I loved on that last day! 

I love the people of Bora Bora and I have loved being on this island.  When I first arrived on Bora in January I was amazed by the blue water and the pretty mountain and the landscape; everything was so beautiful and i was amazed by all that I saw. But when I was on the boat looking at the water and the mountain and this island for the last time for a little while, I realized it had become much more than just a beautiful island to me. It's hard to explain but Bora was 1000 times more beautiful than the first time I laid eyes on this island! I'm gonna miss Bora Bora so much, but I honestly wasn't sad because I'm leaving with no regrets. I did everything that I could on that island and I'm proud of what the Lord has helped me to do here, and I thank the Lord so much for the experience he gave me.

So when I arrived in Tahiti, I met my companion, Elder Paxman.  He is a great guy. He is soooo Canadian, hahaha, but he works hard and we are gonna be doing our best to help everyone in our zone. Then I saw the Orbeck family waiting for me right there at the airport! It was so awesome to see them again...I have really missed them!

Saturday we immediately got to work and headed out for lessons. It was a good day for my first in the area.  It's always a little strange to adjust to a new area and try to learn all of the names of the people, but give me about a week and then we will really be on a roll. I'm just trying to soak it all in so that I can learn quickly!

It was exciting to attend my new ward on Sunday here in my new area of Aru'e.  It is smaller than my ward on Bora, but it's pretty great, and the people are super nice! After church we had to do the numbers and stuff for our zone.  There is a lot to do, but it's good. It's cool to watch and see all of the numbers of the mission and to see the progress and what can be improved so that we can all do our very best.

I'm excited for the week ahead.  Until next P-day...

Love ya!

Elder Boyd

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