Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 55: Bearing testimony and snails aren't so bad.

Hi everyone!

It was another great week!

After emailing we went to Point Venus to go and play beach soccer, smash ball, and to just chill with a bunch of other zones in the mission. I saw a bunch of people from my MTC group like Elders Sovereign and Terry, and Sister Lawrence. It was cool to see them and chill! After that we went and had a lesson with this couple, Roger and Moeata. Moeata was a member and was sealed in the temple with her ex-husband and everything! She got divorced and fell away from the church and she really wants to come back!! Her boyfriend Roger is super, super humble so every lesson just goes straight to his is so cool to watch him react to the messages.Then we had FHE with another great family!

Tuesday we started the week with a great start! We had a bunch of lessons that were really effective! Then we had our meeting with the Stake Council, to talk about our areas and how the stake could help us out a little bit better. They wanted to do a fireside, so we will be planning it and getting ready! 

On Wednesday we did our splits with some of the Elders from moorea, so this week I stayed here in Tahiti and Paxman went over to Moorea. Elder Sekeme came and served with me for the day, and it was so much fun! Elder Sekeme is the best friend of Elder Puluiuvea (my old companion-Pulu). It was super fun serving with a Caledonian again...hahaha! Elder Sekeme is a newer missionary, but man that kid can bear his testimony. It was so cool to see, he is just super humble and when he teaches and bears his testimony you can feel the Spirit so easily! It was awesome.

Thursday we went and took Elder Sekeme to the boat and picked up Elder Lasson for the next split. Elder Lasson was super great too. He is a black French guy and it's pretty interesting serving with French people...they really know their language ha! It was a super cool experience, I really liked it. His way of teaching is super cool. He talks like Sherlock Holmes so when he teaches he makes the investigator really think of their life and stuff, it was great. Elder Lasson is a professional soccer player back home so after his mission he is going straight into professional soccer! Cool guy.

We had District Meeting on Friday and then another lesson with Roger and Moeata and they are really's nuts! Ha!

On Saturday we had a meeting with the stake again and then we all ate together and did a fast together. The stake set a goal to have 105 baptisms for the year, but they are a bit behind because right now we have only 39 baptisms. The stake is really motivated right now so we fasted together so that God could help us to get the 105 baptisms for the year! We are gonna really start working with the stake to help them hit their goal!

Sunday was a good, normal Sunday. Pax and I bore our testimonies (pretty much talked about missionary work...haha) trying to get the members more motivated to get out there and help us find investigators. Then Paxman and I had brought a bunch of granola bars, cookies and water and we finished our fast in the car! Haha! It was funny...we were starving! Then we had a bunch of lessons and that night we ate with a member named JP and  he is so dope! We ate fries, chicken, and ESCARGOT (snails) and it was so good! 

So my week was a pretty normal week but I loved it. I got to drive a lot in the Hilux this week and it was super fun because it's a stick! Fast and Furious (unlike snails) haha!

Have a good week and love ya!


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