Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week 57: The Aru'e zone is on fire

Hey guys! So this week was a great one!

After we emailed last Monday we went and played basketball in Pape'ete with the Pape'ete zone...church ball at its finest! Then we had a family night with the family Tepahauatepari and it was great. After that we had to take some of the missionaries that were going home to the airport. It was a little sad since that group of kids were all of my buddies from the beginning of my mission; Elders Urbani, Hill, Fuller, and Tripp! It was so weird to see them go because in a year that will be me! It doesn't even seem real...time goes by super fast!

Tuesday was a normal day of lessons, and then that night we had to go to the airport again to pick up all the NEW missionaries. I totally saw Elder Bradshaw (Jerem from Lone Peak) and it was cool to see that kid again. All of the new missionaries spent the night at our house and it was so funny because it reminded me of my first night. You come in feeling all nervous and excited about Tahiti and you ask all the older missionaries these "rookie" questions. It was really funny--feels like yesterday! Haha!

The next day we had our scheduled lessons then went to President's house to give a lesson to the new missionaries about their training. We talked about the "Standard of Excellence" and the importance of that. It went really well. It was kind of funny because we had to do it all in French so they probably didn't understand very much but we tried to make it simple and fun!

On Thursday we were super, super busy again with lessons. We called the stake president (President Estall) and asked him to come with us to a lesson. We are really trying to form a good relationship with the stake president. That has been one of the problems in Aru'e, the missionaries weren't really communicating well with the stake president and using that as a resource, so we are trying to change that! We are starting to see a lot of good things in our zone and we are pretty happy!!

Friday was our district meeting and then we went to teach more lessons. We had a lesson with this kid named Nicolas, he's super awesome, and his grandma is a Mormon. She is just so happy that her grandson is taking the lessons and progressing so well. She went and bought him everything for church, like the BOM, D&C, a bible, and even the hymn book. Seriously EVERYTHING she could get her hands on, because she is just so happy that he is taking the lessons. She is a classic grandma and the first question that she asks her grandchildren or us is, "Have you eaten??" hahaha! She is the best! 

Later that night we started a fast with Roger and Moeata. They wanted to fast for their marriage and for their baptism, it was so awesome.  We have them committed, and we are hoping to have them on date soon.

So on Saturday we set a baptism date for Nicolas (October 8th) and then we showed up to have a lesson with our investigator "V". The moment she saw us she started crying! She told us that the night before her mother was drinking and her mother told her that she had always loved her other child more than her. How horrible and heartbreaking is that? "V" is about 35 by the way, and she was so sad. I guess in a way it was kind of a miracle because she is ready for baptism and the only obstacle was her mom.  It just makes it easier for her to choose to get baptised, but I still know she is hurting.

Sunday was awesome because we had 11 investigators at church! Let's go! And every companionship in our zone set baptism dates this last week! Our zone has 16 dates set and Pax and I are so happy with the progress of our zone, they are all working super hard! It has been neat to see the changes coming along in the past month. This week was really great!

In my study I've been reading in 3 Nephi. It's amazing to see what was going on with the Nephites while Christ was on the earth.  It's one of my favorite sections in the BOM.  Keep up your reading everyone!

Love ya!

Elder Boyd

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