Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 56: Couscous cracks me up and Au Revoir to Elder Urbani

Hello Family and all!

Last Monday after we finished our emails, we went to Pape'ete to play basketball with some of the zones right around us.  I got to hang with Elder Terry, my companion from the MTC! It was super fun! There were even a few other guys from my MTC group. It's always super cool to go and catch up with all of my buddies from the MTC. After that we had a lesson with Roger and it was super good.  That night we had FHE with an inactive family and two more people who were living with this family. It was really good! The two living with the family (Karine and Vaimiti) wanted to take the lessons right after the family night! How sweet is that?

Tuesday and Wednesday were really strange days. We had sooo many lessons cancel and everything just went wrong. But you know there are going to be days like that on a mission so no big deal! Chin up and keep working!

On Thursday we had our "Leaders Council Meeting" with all the zone leaders and assistants and with President Bize! It's a super long meeting haha!  We start at 9:00 in the morning and go until 3;00 in the afternoon!! It nuts, but the meeting goes by super fast because there is always a lot to talk about! So for lunch we ate couscous and all that I could think about was the scene with the pharaoh in "Night at the Museum 2" when he was like "Oooohhhh he is nothing but a little grain of couscous!" you know, with his lisp and everything! Remember how all of us could not stop laughing! I was cracking up and seriously no one understood why I was laughing. I guess all the other missionaries didn't have a life before the do you miss that movie? Hahaha!

We had a our big zone conference reunion on Friday with all of our zone.  Paxman and I talked about what we discussed at the leaders council. We were really trying to motivate our missionaries to take the work more seriously! The entire time that I have been on my mission, the Arue zone has been the lowest producing zone! Elder Paxman and I are super motivated to get the numbers up!

Sunday was the best part of the week.  We went to church and we finally had investigators come to the meetings! I was sooo happy! We had 10 investigators come and even the family Teheiura came! It was so awesome! After church we went to the family Orbeck's house because they made "Maa Tahiti for Sunday dinner and it was super super good! 

Then we went and did our weekly report and went to ward council meeting.  That day was Paxman's birthday so we went and celebrated it with the Sisters because they made a big cake for him.   We just ate the cake in the parking lot of their apartment complex because we can't go in but it was great! Haha! 

So this week was a hard one but there are going to be weeks like this when you are preaching the gospel. In the mission field and in life, sometimes there are just things that we can't control.  We just press forward with faith so we can let the Lord guide us.  I know He is in control!

Oh! Today I saw Elder Urbani! He was one of the missionaries in my very first house when I arrived on Tahiti. He stopped by to say goodbye to me...he actually heads home to France today.  I haven't seen him for almost a year and he just came back from one of the outlying islands and now he is going home!  It was weird because a year ago when I was in the house with him and we were talking we couldn't really communicate. 

We were amazed because back when we were in the same house we were trying to communicate in English and a little French but mostly just laughed when we couldn't understand each other.  Now we speak in straight-up French and it's easy! I'm gonna miss that kid...he told me to come visit him in France!  Then the assistants asked the zone leaders to pick up the new missionaries so I'm going to go and pick up Elder Bradshaw (from Lone Peak) tomorrow!  Cool! I'm super excited to see him!

Have a great week and love you all!


Halloween package is on the way this week ...

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