Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Week 41: Say nope to dope and Taia's baptism

It was a crazy week guys!

Monday after emailing we went to this store called "Saltwater Family". It's a store that is only here, it's crazy popular and stuff, so I went and ordered a hat that l'll go and pick up later today! After that we went and chilled at Boule's house and played ping pong and talked about the NBA playoffs, he is giving me updates on the playoffs!

On Tuesday I had a split with Elder Brunet in my sector, it was cool. We had a ton of lessons. We had a lesson with Sylvain, a French guy from Toulouse who moved here to marry Sister Commings! He is taking the lessons, but the only problem with him is he won't pray...that is super hard for him for some reason, but he will get there. We had a good lesson with him, you could tell that he felt the spirit! It was awesome! 

After the split Elder Brunet, Vairea Commings, and I were evaluating the split; talking about our strengths and weaknesses, and this guy came over to just say hi because he knows Sister Commings. When he said "hi" to us, we could  totally tell that he was higher than Wiz Khalifa on a Tuesday night, and we were like, "oh boy." So he was just chillin' there listening to our conversation, and when it was my turn to talk I mentioned some of Sister Comming's strengths, and then the guy was like, "Hey, do you even understand French?" 

For those who know me, you can probably guess that I saw my chance to mess with him a little! I said, "No... I can't understand or speak a word of French!" (I'm not very proud of it but it was still pretty funny!) So, then the guy said "Then don't speak French if you don't know how to speak French." I said "Ok, I'm sorry I won't speak French since I don't know how to speak French." (by the way, this entire conversation WAS IN FRENCH... haha)! So then the guy left (confused) and Elder Brunet and I were laughing for like 10 minutes, haha! Kids, stay away from drugs!

On Thursday, Averii, the 8 year old girl who wants to be baptized, told us that her grandpa said that if she gets baptized then she will be kicked out of their house! So we will need to figure something out with her! Poor kid...it's so hard when that happens. A child shouldn't ever have to face a scenario like that.  

On Saturday we had lessons early in the morning and then we had our baptism! His name is Taia, and he is this 50 year old guy that is so funny! He was another referral from the Atiu family. We taught him and he gained a testimony so fast, and literally left everything behind to follow Christ! In his testimony after the baptism he said, "je vais servir le seigneur toute ma vie!" (I will serve the Lord for the rest of my life!) He is awesome! 

Missions are just so cool! Having the chance to watch people completely change is honestly a once in a lifetime opportunity. This mission is something so precious to me. I could have never understood that before, but now I truly understand. I encourage everyone to go on a mission! We all have the power to change a life, and in that process, your life will be changed as well. 

This week we really started working hard on learning Tahitian. It's starting to come along. While I like French, Tahitian is the language I was called to teach in and it's the language I want to get really fluent in! I'm learning some cool phrases like, "God loves us.", and I can say a simple prayer in Tahitian! I also learned phrases that I can yell at my kids someday when I'm mad at them because it sounds super scary in Tahitian! Haha!

I also really studied King Benjamin this week...man, Mosiah 2-5 is a crazy good sermon, I love really studying that stuff!

Have a good week everyone! Off to work!

Elder Boyd

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