Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Week 38: Mother's Day Call Home and More

Hi Fam!

It was another great mission week on Bora Bora! It was so awesome to talk to everyone on Saturday night and I really told you most of what there was to say from this week, but here is just a quick list of a few good things I think I missed:

Monday night through Thursday we just really scheduled lesson after lesson after lesson...we are staying busy almost all of the time and it feels awesome to be teaching such good people. I gave my hat to Inasio (he loves hats) so he was super pumped. Yes Mom, I gave away another hat...I'm not really sure why the guys over here love my hats so much, but they do!

On Friday we had a lot of lessons to do and then we went to visit a guy that we have been trying to catch for like 12 weeks. He has just never been there (or he ignored us hahaha), but we just knew we needed to connect with him.  We caught him right as he was walking to his car was funny! He didn't seem very happy to see us haha, but we just started talking about random stuff, like about his kids, work, his hobbies and stuff  like that. Then he asked us what we do on our missions each day... he was actually super interested in us and why we are here and how old we are and stuff. So now we have a lesson with him this coming week and I'm super pumped!!

After that we had a lesson with Tehea, who is a nut, and I'll tell you why!! She knows it's time to be baptized and that she can be baptized by her husband. We have tried to set up a date for her but she still wants us to give her time.  It has been about one month since we said we would give her some space but time is up! So yeah, she admitted to us that she was scared of her family's possible negative reaction to her baptism. One of my best friends would always tell me to "suck it up" when I was dragging my feet or worried about something, and I really wanted to say that to her because I know she is ready but I can't..haha! We just explained that if she does her part for the Lord, He will do His part and fill in the rest for her!! After that she calmed down a bit and I believe we will be able to set her baptism date really soon!

Saturday was a busy day with lessons, and then we Skyped the family, twas dope!  Haha! Loved seeing everyone!!

Here's a short Video Recap of some of the highlights of the call: 

On Sunday, Elder Escoffre (Mr. Bean) left early in the morning to head home to France.  It was weird to see him go because I will probably never see him again. It's kinda sad when you think about it, but it's the mission...missionaries get really good at saying goodbyes because we do it all of the time! It was such a pleasure to get to know Mr. Bean!! It's always cool to watch a missionary leave to go home after two years of great service, I bet it's a weird feeling!

The Assistants called this weekend and informed us that my companion, Elder Puluiuveia, is leaving and I'm getting a new companion. His name is Elder Rybin. He is American and is fairly new.  I'm excited to get working with this new missionary, continue his training and show him the ropes ... haha! you all...gotta go...there's work to do!

Elder Connor Boyd

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