Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week 40: Teaching, testifying, and practice for Heiva

Happy Monday! How is everyone doing?  Here is my update from last week:

Monday was a pretty fun day! We went to a motu with the Atiu family...'twas dope!! It was beautiful out there as usual. I got super............"tan"! Haha! (If my forearms and the 12 inches between my shorts and the top of my socks can count as being tan)! 

Tuesday we went to work, heading out on our bikes and just taught a bunch of lessons; it was a pretty busy day which is a normal day haha! We had a lesson with Heitapu who is going to get married and baptized on the 23rd of June! So happy about that! Then we had a lesson with my homie, Inasio. I always love talking to that guy.  Then we had soiree milo which basically means family night with hot chocolate and tons of nutella with Taurahiti and his family.  They introduced us to a girl named Georgie and she is 22 years old and is the nanny for their kids. We had a good family night with them and Georgie was super interested when we started talking to her, but she lives in the other sector so we passed her over to Elders Ruff and Lewis.

On Wednesday we got to work and had more lessons to do.  We had another lesson with Taurahiti and it was great like always, but Taurahiti was flipping because he lost his phone, so he was trying to find it and was a little distracted! We fixed a day to go and see him again on Friday!

Thursday was awesome. We just had a load of lessons, like always, but at the end of the day we had a lesson with Hearii and his girlfriend and it was such an uplifting lesson! We talked about the Sabbath Day and then about baptism and marriage. They are going to set a date this week...it's exciting!

Friday was a good day as well, we had our meeting in the morning with the district. We discussed how to get our district more unified, because the four of us in the house are super tight and it is really great to share ideas and stuff, but the other two haven't really come to chill with us like we used to when Sovereign was here. It is good to get together on P-day Mondays to recharge for the week. So yeah, it was a good meeting! 

After we had some more lessons and then we went and ate with Taurahiti and he told us that Georgie (the nanny) stole his phone on Wednesday! I thought that that was so funny! I guess the other Elders will have to start their lessons with "Thou shalt not steal"! Ha, we just laughed about it! But truly she is now taking the lessons with the missionaries and stuff so she will be on her way. 

After that a member invited us to watch a practice for the "Heiva". The Heiva is a big event that goes on for the whole month of July and it's basically Tahitian dancing and awesome competitions for all that stuff. I'm pumped for that...these people know how to throw a party! We watched some of the practice and it's sooo cool! I saw Mateata (who got baptised in December and we teach her right now) and she is super good! Then I saw my homie Tainui dance, and he is amazing as well! It's so cool because they just have these massive drums and a choir and tons of dancers and it looks great. It's like a "Haka" sort of but different and honestly I think it's cooler!

Sunday was a good day.  I gave a talk in church and it was pretty darned good!

I love the verse in D&C 6:36: "Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not".  I love it because it's a verse so simple, but complete. That's what I love about this gospel, it is simple and complete.  When we talk with the Jehovah's witnesses here on Bora it is strange because they study the gospel and treat it with such complexity, and they just don't get it! We are simple in our teachings, and we get it! The gospel is simple, it is easy to apply, and it is a representation of the Lord's love for us.

Goodbye until next time...

Elder Boyd

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