Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 39: Elder Rybin joins Elder Boyd in Bora

Sup les gars? (Sup guys?)

Well you know me... like every week, this one was also great! Here are a few of the highlights.

We woke up super early on Wednesday and got on the boat to say goodbye to Elder Puluiuveia. We worked really hard together and he was a great companion. We have had a ton of success together, and I am really going to miss him.

Elders Boyd and Pulu playing a song at a baptism

But, then I picked up my new companion, Elder Rybin, from American Fork, UT and he is super awesome! He is actually super good friends with our cousin, Jason Nelson, and he has been in the mission for about 6 months. He's really funny too, so I'm quite excited about the next few months! We returned from the boat docks and we headed right out for more lessons.

On Thursday, we, along with Sister Commings, ward misionary, headed out to teach and it was just a normal busy awesome day. We had to work in the two sectors, Vaitape and Fa'anui, because Elder Ivie's companion still hadn't shown up, so it was a super busy day. Then afterward, we ate with some kind-hearted members and went home. I passed out on the couch for the night, I was so tired ...  t'was great!

Friday we went out and worked a long hard day again, and the best thing happened: Sister Moevai, who lives right next to us, asked me to schedule an interview with the bishop so she can start becoming active in the church again!! Wooooo!! It made me so happy to hear that and I wondered if maybe we were in some way a good influence on her living so close to her. 

Later that day we were pedaling on the street and the Jehovah's Witness man that I have come to know called us over to talk to us (his name is Emmett) and he said, "Elder Boyd, I did some research on your Prophet Joseph Smith and did you know that he had 40 wives and they were all minors?" 

I was like oh geeeezzzz here we go again!! But before I could say anything, Elder Ivie said something I can't even put in print here. But, had you heard it, those who know me can probably guess what happened next. Yes I BURST out laughing ... and, yes, I was the only one laughing and it was kinda embarrassing haha. I just thought that out of all the ways you can respond to that question, he says THAT, haha. I think I laughed most of the rest of the day.

Saturday after working all day, we had a lesson planned with Steve. That man is so good, BUT he didn't show up to the lesson at the church, and he didn't answer his phone, so we went to his house on the other side of the island and found him just chilling there. He explained to me that he had a pretty bad week and he just didn't have the desire to do the lesson, so we just talked to him awhile and discussed how we all have our trials and how we need to continue progressing forward even when life gets difficult and tiring.

Sunday, church was great, then we went to pick up Elder Ivie's new companion, and he is a really great guy as well.  His name is Elder Brunet (yet he's blonde) and he comes from the Alps mountains, so he likes all the stuff I like: skiing and snowboarding, biking, motocross and stuff like that. He's funny too!

Today, we went out to the motu with the Atiu family like always. I love doing that. It's always a great change of pace and beautiful scenery of paradise.

This week I read and marked a verse that was cool to me. It's D&C 25:10 "And verily I say unto thee that thou shalt lay aside the things of this world, and seek for the things of a better." Even as a missionary there are still things that I can let go of. There are always things that we can let go, like a bad attitude or maybe a bad eating habit ya know, and switch that with something better, and that is how we PROGRESS!!

Shout out to my Lone Peak Knights baseball brothers. I'm "representing" out here with my Knights Baseball P-Day shirt and wishing you Good luck in the State Playoffs this week! Last year's Seniors are with you in spirit!

Okay, peace, out!!

Elder Connor Boyd

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