Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 42: Ward Party on a motu = beaucoup referrals, Warren gets baptized, and Yannick is soo close

Hey Fam!!!  This week was crazy-busy, but it was great!

On Pday we went to "Saltwater Family" -- this store that is only here on Bora Bora! It's really the coolest store I bought a hat and then we went to another shop that makes hats and we had hats made for our district! So basically, I scored two awesome hats on Monday.

Tuesday was (like always) our super busy day.  We literally started out early for lessons and got home right at 9 p.m.  Then I passed out on my bed totally exhausted...good day!

On Wednesday we talked to this woman named Karmel (made me think of sister Newell) who has just jumped right in and taken the lessons. She wants to be baptized and everything, but her mom is being a little difficult. Her mom is RLDS, so that's kind of a tough one.  So we decided to go and talk to the mom. She jumped right to the good we started to explain polygamy, and the priesthood and all that. But believe it or not, the mom is starting to be more interested! She actually started taking the lessons with us, so now we just have to get her to pray about our message and "boom goes the dynamite, the mom and daughter will be baptized! Oh yeah!

Friday we had a lesson with Yannick and Marco; these really chill guys. Yannick is so close to baptism, sooooo close! 

Then we had an event with all the wards on Bora. It was a huge evening with food and Tahitian dancing (all of the wards prepared dances and stuff for the program). It is so fun to watch the dancing when you know the people and all the kids who are was really awesome!

Saturday the party continued with the wards on a motu, so we were there all day. It was really like a second P-day haha! These people know how to party!  

We ate food, played games and stuff, but the best part was there were tons of investigators and we got so many referrals! We are gonna be busy for a long time!!!! 

Then on Sunday we had stake conference; and after sacrament meeting the Stake President wanted to talk to Yannick to try and fix his baptism date. I was a little sensitive because of what happened last time (when our investigator felt a little pressured) so I asked if I could be with him.  So the Stake President, Yannick and I went into an office and I could see that Yannick was sooo scared and nervous. The president asked him to get baptized that very day and I could really see him wavering.  I jumped in and  told Yannick to pray about it and we would talk about it later that night. I don't think the president was too happy with me...oh geez! But later that night we went over to Yannick's house and talked to him. So he is gonna be baptised Saturday! 

He asked me to baptize him and he wants to be baptized in the ocean, so I'm really pumped for him! Please pray for him so that he can be baptized this Saturday! I know he is ready...he just needs to keep the faith! 

So after that, we had a baptism -- his name is Warren and he is awesome! He really was an easy one because he just has the faith! He started the lessons with us, he read and prayed, and immediately chose to follow Christ.  He was one of those "faithful from the start" guys! It was awesome!

I love this mission! It's so awesome to see people change and become a better person! The decision to follow Christ is always worth it!

So that was my week in Bora.  I loved it!

Love you guys!

Elder Boyd

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