Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 43: Little Alan loved the font and the blessings of Priesthood power.

Hey Everyone! It was another great week here on Bora!

Last Monday after we did our P-day stuff we went to Sister Comming's house and ate food and played some funny card games. I found out that I'm not very good at these card games because I can't keep a straight face...not very surprising ha! Then we had FHE with the Hutia family, and they brought some friends that weren't members. After FHE, Elder Rybin and I were talking to them and apparently the wife really wants to join the church but her husband (inactive member) isn't really ready for that, but we fixed a lesson with them and we are gonna go and teach them this week. 

Oh! A few weeks back we gave a blessing to a little girl with heart problems, and ever since the blessing she hasn't had any problems at all! So they are really excited and they wanted us to start teaching them the lessons. We started the lessons with them and now they want the lessons everyday! 

The power of the priesthood is real! It's such a blessing in our church, in our families, and in our lives! I don't think I really understood the full significance of the priesthood before my mission, but I am extremely grateful for my dad who has held and used his priesthood in our family.  I know now what a difference it truly made in our family!

Friday was our district meeting with all the Elders on Bora and we Skyped in the Sisters on Maupiti (the island right next to us).  The sister companionship is struggling a little because they are such different people. One companion is from Vanuatu, and Vanuatuans are super quiet and humble, it's just their culture.  I think the "quiet" is just tough on the other sister so we are praying a lot for them so that they can work well together.  It's made me so grateful for good companions so far!

Saturday was a good day of lessons, and then we had our nine year old investigator get baptised.   His name is Alan, and his mother is inactive. Alan really wanted to be baptised, and his mom said yes and he was excited. After he was baptised, Alan bore his testimony, and then his mom, Iovinia, bore her testimony! It was really great and now Iovinia wants to take the lessons! 

Alan loved his baptism! He keeps telling me that he wants to go again! It was funny because on Sunday I was talking to Warren (he was the investigator we baptized last Sunday) and Alan came up to us and said, "Hey!! It was awesome in the font huh?" It was so funny, and Warren totally agreed! Then Warren and Alan were both confirmed and it was glorious!!!

So that was my was great.  We are going to keep working with Yannick...fear is getting in his way right now, but he will get there...I just know it!

Love you guys!

Elder Connor Boyd

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