Thursday, June 30, 2016

Week 45: Steeve and Sylvain get baptized

Hey everyone! So this week was a pretty great week!!

After emailing everyone on P-day, we visited with an investigator in Fa'anui, that Elder Brunet teaches. His name is Anapa, and he is super cool! We rode our bikes around the island, but we did it sport style, where you are in a line and you go as fast as you can, and you work as a team using aerodynamics and stuff! It's actually super cool how it all works. We made it around the island in an hour and 15 minutes, it was super crazy but lots of fun!

This week we had a lesson with Herenui (remember we have been staying in contact with her for months but she is really hard to catch most of the time) and we had a cool experience with her. As soon as we got there you could tell that she was just super stressed and everything. All of her kids were crying, it was just out of control. She and her husband have been having a hard time and  we just felt that we needed to talk to her about priesthood blessings. Well she really wanted one, and she asked me to say the blessing.  Right in the middle of the blessing she says, "Is it normal to feel like this?" So I just kept going and I finished the blessing and then after that she was like, "Man! I honestly feel amazing and so much better...can we do that some other time soon?" Ha! It was great to see her feeling calm and happy.

This weekend was probably the best weekend of my mission. It was one of my favorite investigators, Steeve's, wedding and baptism. We showed up to the wedding and Steeve asked me to be his witness! So we all walked into the ceremony together. Steeve and Aloha were awesome, and I sat at the head table with the other witness and stuff.  Just me and the guests of honor...haha, it was so cool! Steeve and Aloha were all dressed up and their kids were so cute, it was just awesome! After the main wedding we went to the church for a blessing on their marriage. The members decorated the church and everything and it was so awesome for them. After that we ate at a restaurant and I sat by Steeve and just talked to him about his journey.

Steeve and Aloha's Wedding
Saturday Steeve was baptised and then Vairea's fiance, Sylvain, was baptised at the same time! What a great day for two of my faves! They were both there at the church with the biggest smiles on their faces! I sat next to Steeve and Sylvain and when the baptism talks were being given, and Steeve leans over and says, "Boyd, ça brûle mon cœur!" (which means my heart is burning)! He was feeling the Spirit so strong! Both Sylvain and Steeve bore amazing testimonies that day.

Steeve freshly baptized
Sunday: Steeve and Sylvain were both confirmed and it was just a great day.  There was a family from Utah that came to church and I invited them to come into the investigator/recent convert class.  I taught in French and translated for the family from Utah. Everyone in the class had such a good time and they were so excited to hear the testimonies of others and from the investigators and recent converts. After class everyone wanted to take a big picture together and it was a great experience!

Steeve is one of my favorites because we worked so hard for him. We knew he could feel the Spirit and we just needed to keep going until the Lord could soften his heart. We have actually been teaching him since February!! Aloha, his wife, is already a member, but they have both suffered so many trials between February and right now just trying to keep them from marriage and baptism and ultimately true happiness.  Now they are the cutest couple ever!  I love Steeve and Aloha and Sylvain so much! I know that I'm going to stay in contact with them for a long, long time! The people on Bora are just amazing!

Love you!

Elder Boyd

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