Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 46: Finding Yanki's daughter and giving a talk at Heiva

Hi guys! It was another great week!

On Monday we moved into a new house right next to the Church.  It's a nice place, but it's strange not living next to Moevai and everyone. The neighbors get really close to the missionaries. We had a family night with all of them (it was kinda like a goodbye), but don't get all teary because we still live like 2 minutes from them! Ha!

We had lots of lessons early in the week then on Thursday we went to visit Herenui. She was not there so we will go back next Thursday. Then we had a lesson with Teina and Christine (they are sisters) and it was super cool.  They are both on track to be baptized next month if they keep going strong! Their parents want to come to Church too, but every time we show up for their lesson they seem to be drinking. We have a little way to go but they can do it! 

One of Elder Boyd's little buddies practicing for the talent show

On Friday we had our district meeting it is always a good time because all six of us Elders here in Bora Bora are super close!

Oh! something kind of fun... before I got transferred to Bora, when I was in Fa'aripo, I was really good friends with a guy named Yanki!! When we found out that I was going to Bora Bora, he said that he has a daughter there and she is inactive and her husband isn't a member! I promised Yanki that I would try to find her, so I searched for six months to find her, and this week we finally did! She knew exactly who I was because Yanki had talked about me to her, and now we are starting to teach her and her husband! I was so happy! I want to do this for Yanki! 

On Saturday we had a lesson with Diana, but when we showed up at her house her boyfriend was outside, he said she doesn't want the lessons anymore, so I asked her boyfriend to go and get her, but he wouldn't. I realized that there are a lot of people that are just scared of the missionaries. It's super funny to think of grown up people who are scared and hide in their houses when two nineteen year old Americans show up!! I don't know why it cracks me up!

So there is a cool thing called the "Heiva" and here on Bora it lasts for basically all of July. It's pretty much a carnival with all this cool stuff. At night they do super competitive dancing, and  it's really cool. Every Sunday night one of the churches will do a small message, so this Sunday it was the Mormons. The ward asked Elder Brunet and me to give a 10 minute talk, so we set it up with a bunch of cool videos and everything.  It was kinda scary, there were a lot of people there, but we talked about the atonement, and it was really, really great!!

So that was my week! It was  a pretty normal week but a good one. I really studied Matthew chapter 10 this week and just loved it. It's a super cool missionary chapter that reminds us that if we really lose ourselves in the service of others we will find out who we truly are. That's so true, and as a missionary I can confirm that! Try to lose yourself in service this week! 

Peace guys, and have a great week!

Elder Boyd

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