Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Week 48: Continuing forward

I totally just typed my whole letter and accidentally hit delete instead of send! I'm not excited about typing the whole thing again, but I'll do it because I love you all!

Early this week we had a lesson with Teina and Christine. While we were there, their mom came out and she had been drinking. She told us that the girls didn't want to do the lessons anymore, but they really do.  We just had to leave, but decided to come back later to see them when the mom is in a little better shape. We went back on Wednesday, but she still insisted they can't take them anymore. We feel so badly but we will keep trying and reaching out to them. 

On Wednesday I still had a sore throat, so I figured I better run over to the doctor. I went up the the front desk and the lady was super grumpy for some reason (I got the vibe that she does not like missionaries very much...haha...what's not to love), but after a little sweet talking and convincing she let me in so I could get checked. I got checked by this French doctor, he was actually super dope! He was young and wears shorts and flip flops every day, what a cool guy! He gave me some antibiotics and I'm all good!

Friday we had a great lesson with Tehea, her son Tairohia, and her husband, Charles. Tairohia is gonna be baptized next week and his dad, Charles, is going to be able to do it! Tehea is gonna try and get things settled with her family to see if she can also do it this week! So please pray for her...these are great people!  

Saturday was a strange day. I was saddened and a little dissapointed by some of the choices of some of our investigators.  It's so difficult to see them act foolishly and make poor choices when you love them so much and work so hard with them.  I guess I'm kinda getting a feel of what it would be like to be a parent...haha! It's hard to watch when you know they are better than what they are choosing! 

At church on Sunday we saw Greg who owns the awesome restaurant out here. He had been on a long vacation and went to see the NBA Finals games, and then to Alaska. He told me all about that, and said it was super sick! It was fun to catch up with him. Then we had a lesson with Ioane; it always goes super great with him! He's awesome. 

So this week was strange but I learned a lot! I learned that no matter what we do for other people, sometimes we can't control the outcome. We can definitely influence it, but we can't control it. The only thing we can do is to continue to be positive and supportive even if we wonder if we have the energy or strength to keep going.  I know that if we continue forward God will fill in the rest for us! If we give our all, it'll be enough for God to step in with the power of the atonement to make everything worth it!

Elder Boyd

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