Thursday, July 14, 2016

Week 47: Teaching Yanki's daughter and Eric gets baptized

Hi Fam!

It was another great week on Bora! It started with a hard core "church ball" game with Boule, Ura, Puiti and some great kids from the neighborhood...P-Day is always fun and wild with these guys!

I got to spend some time out in Fa'anui with Elder Brunet on splits, and I totally met a member of the Tahi family that I knew back in Fa'aripo (my first area). I was super pumped! We just started talking about her family and the old neighborhood, and then before we knew it we were teaching her a lesson! Right after that I got a call from Yanki. He and his wife were super happy that we found their daughter to teach. I want things to go so well for her. 

Our lesson with Steeve was great like always, and then we called his friend Eric to come over to do a lesson. Eric was supposed to be baptised the same day as Steeve, but the night before...there's no easy way to say this...he went out and got hammered! Eric came over and we talked about the atonement and how we can always come back when we make a mistake and need some help. He is so ready to be baptised...he just had a we totally set his baptism date for Saturday! He decided to get rid of the beer and go forward...this guy is awesome!

We went to see Herenui, but she is having a really hard time. I think the Lord is trying to break her down in order to repair her. It's going to take a while with her, but I think one day she will get there...I know what the gospel would mean for her and her family...we will keep trying!

Eric's baptism on Saturday was kinda last minute so there were not very many people there, but it was still a super amazing baptism. Eric is kind of a small, quiet man (he doesn't talk much), but you could see in his eyes that he was so incredibly happy. After he was lifted up out of the water, his eyes were just filled with tears.. it was cool to see!

Sunday was a super busy day, I pretty much conducted baptism interviews the whole time! After church we went to do a lesson with Ramone. We talked with him until dark and finally headed home at nine. Ramone is super funny, one of my favorites, a really good guy.  He thinks he can speak English, but it's pretty much just the bad words! Ahhh! It was just a great day!

Thus was another week in paradise ;) Have an awesome week everyone!

Elder Boyd

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