Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 44: Mariana wants to be a Mormon, and recognizing the Holy Spirit is our 3rd companion.

Hey wassup fam! So here is the big news from last week on Bora ...

After emails on Monday we played volleyball and I honestly stink at it, especially here in Bora, because everyone here is amazing, it's out of control! After that we played basketball with the local crew (Ura, Mana, Boule, Puiti, and pretty much all of my good friends here) so it was super fun!! I need to stick with basketball for sure! 

On Tuesday, Elder Rybin and I set a goal to teach 25 lessons with just investigators this week and to find 3 new investigators. We normally have around 22 lessons every week, but we wanted to push a little bit harder, so we just headed out for lessons and had a really good day!

Wednesday we had a lesson with Ioane (he is one of my favorites because he reminds me of Chris Rock, haha) and we taught him and his wife, Purea, (who is a member). The lesson went super well. Then Purea talked about her daughter, Marania, and how she really wants to be baptized, but her dad won't let her (her dad is not Ioane), and she told us that during the week Marania is with her dad in Matira!

Matira Beach

Thursday came around and we decided to surprise Purea so we went looking for Marania at Matira.  We totally found her on the beach! She saw us and was super excited! We asked her if we could start to teach her, and she was so pumped haha (she is 9 by the way) so we set a lesson for the next day and she could hardly wait!

Friday we had our lesson with Marania at Ioane and Purea's house. Purea was so happy that we searched out her daughter and wanted to start teaching her right away.  At the end of the lesson I remember asking Marania why she really wanted to be a Mormon, and she said that's all she can think and talk about because it makes her so happy! I explained to her that with all of our investigators there is often something that tries to prevent them from being baptised, (I figured it would be her birth father, but I didn't say that to her) but we told her that if we all pray together and do the lessons and have faith, God will make it work for her! I love Marania, she is such a happy little girl and I just know that God will prepare the way for her. 

That night we had transfers! Since I've been here awhile, all the Elders thought that I might be leaving, but you know I feel like I still have work to do here on Bora.  So we were chilling on our beds waiting for the calls, and I dozed off and woke up 30 minutes later.  Elder Ivie was like, "Hey, I guess I'm leaving, I'm going to Raiatea," (which is an island next to Bora). I didn't get a transfer call! I'm so pumped! So the next transfer is in August, and by that time I will have been in Bora for a little more than six months! I love it here...the time is going by so fast!

On Saturday we had a service project and then more lessons. We hit our goal!  What a week!  We had a lesson with Yannick and Marco, and that lesson was so powerful.  We taught about the Holy Ghost and after we explained everything, Rybin asked, "Can you guys feel the spirit right now?" 

Right then I could tell that God totally had our backs, because after he asked that question the Spirit we all felt became undeniably strong! Marco was like, "Yeah, I do." Then Yannick and Rybin got teary eyed and said "I'm so glad that you can feel it", and we said a prayer and left.  

It was an amazing lesson. The Spirit was so strong and we both learned the we have a 3rd companion in our companionship, and that's our Savior.  He has totally had our backs from the beginning. He is the one who has made everything happen for us in this sector.  

I remember when I first arrived here, I prayed so hard personally, and Pulu and I prayed so much together so that we could build up this sector.  Right now we are having an average of 22-23 lessons a week and we have had 12 baptisms -- and we might have 4 more this weekend! 

I'm so grateful for the help of our Savior and all that He has done for me, Elder Pulu, and Elder Rybin. As missionaries, we are instruments of the Lord, and He will polish us and clean us and tune us. We just need to open our mouths and make a sound when the Lord needs us to, and as we do that we allow the Savior to make a difference and touch people's hearts! I love this work!

Love, Elder Boyd

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