Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 11: Smiles by Emilie, commits on splits, and casting out evil

But first .... 

The Boyd Family enjoyed an unexpected, and wonderful correspondence on Sunday with the newest member of the Mahina ward -- Vaitiani, the lady whose baptism Connor was part of two weeks ago (his first baptism). She sent the following (translated from French) along with the video and picture below. 

"Hello, it will be with pleasure that I bring you news (short stories) of your son, elder Connor. This evening there is an activity in Mahina and the theme it is "where from I come". I shall show him your messages and we shall make photos and videos. First two weeks we saw that he was not well, that he was sad and it is there that my daughter Émilie came towards him, to give him a little smile and hug. He misses you enormously. We make for you of big kiss."
-- Sister Vaitiani

Vaitiani's daughter, Emilie with her Elder Boyd

This meant so much to us. Elder Boyd has not mentioned or reported anything but gung-ho excitement to his family, so the observation that he looked a bit sad, lost and in need of a little kindness and that little Emilie responded was precious to us to learn of. Emilie and Connor now have a special bond that can be seen in their faces. And we were so grateful Vaitiani made Connor record this little video to us. It's fun to hear the language starting to influence even his English.

Video from Elder Boyd - Only plays in a browser -- not on a mobile device.

Now ... This Week from Elder Boyd:

Hey everyone back at home!

So this week was really good! Last Monday after I emailed we went to the mission office and we met with the AP's and I got all of this new stuff to use to teach our investigators. Great new pictures and stuff; I love getting new stuff like makes our lessons even better.  After that we went as a zone to this great restaurant (a member invited us there) and she gave us like 600 dollars worth of food. Heavenly! Then we went and played beach soccer again, and let's just say I really stink at beach soccer! I'm really hoping we can agree on a hike up in these lush mountains soon. 

Tuesday was nuts! It was just a lot of work, and it was awesome! We had sooo much work to do that my companion and I had to split and he went with a member and I went with another member to teach lessons. I was a little worried, but I honestly liked it! My companion is awesome, but man the guy can talk! And sometimes I like to use a little quiet to invite the spirit.  Elder T talks crazy fast and a lot of times I have to kick him under the table to let him know that I have something to say! Ha!  But the lesson with just me and and the member went really well. It was cool to see that I could do this even without my awesome comp.  The lady we taught wants to be baptized...I am so excited!

Wednesday we did splits again and this was my favorite day of the mission so far. I went with Francis who is the ward missionary and we taught Chantal.  She is an investigator who is uneasy about baptism, so I shared Alma 34:40-41 and told her to be patient and she will know when the time is right.  Then I talked about my mom and my dad and how they had amazing patience and kept their hope that they would eventually have kids. They had to wait seven years for a kid and that was me! I'm so grateful for their patience and continued hope even when things seemed impossible or hard. Instead of waiting any longer, she committed to baptism and will be baptized on November 28. So that was awesome!

One of the Members who owns a restaurant invited our Zone to dinner.  It was sooo good!

Later in the week I had an experience that changed my whole perspective on a lot of things. I'm still teaching this great kid who is my age and lives in a tiny shack. After we had the lesson (we were outside) I asked him to continue praying and reading, but he said that it was difficult because there are bad spirits in his house. I thought that sounded kind of weird, but my companion said we could bless the house. He asked me to do it!  So we go into his shack and I don't feel anything, so I started a prayer and then suddenly I just felt like I was being surrounded by Satan. I could hardly speak. 

At that moment I felt like I should say (and I did) "In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to get out".  Almost immediately after that the dark and evil feeling was honestly gone and I felt the Holy Ghost around us in the house. That was really creepy. Satan is real. I hated the feeling of all of his power thrust into me. It was a horrible feeling. I honestly got a headache from it.  I seriously still have a super bad headache, and ever since that experience I've been really tired. It's like I'm coming back from an injury. I've never felt something this strange before. 

It was sure an eventful week. Elder Urbani was transferred and Elder Dalton who was in the MTC with me is the new guy in our missionary house. It's great to see him again.  

Elder Boyd with Elder Urbani (French) who was transferred this week.

Mom, the food here is good, nothing weird or crazy yet. Fish and chow mein-like stuff, plus steak and fries.  I like it.  No crazy bugs or spiders and the people are great! 

Love you all!

Elder Boyd

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