Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 15: Baptizing Tuhey (the little blueberry)

Bonjour, Ia Orana, Bonsoir, Maitai?, Toe oe huru? Ok is everyone?

Here is an update on what happened during this last week....

Monday: We didn't end up going to the lighthouse last week and I was so excited to go but we couldn't make it happen. We might go today so fingers crossed. Yes, we played beach soccer and then I just walked knee deep in the water because it feels like money on my legs! Most of the time Elder Dalton, me, and others stand in the water and just talk...haha...I could do it all day on P-day, it feels good to chill. After P-day ended, we had family night at the Orbeck home and that was really great. We had a testimony meeting and the Spirit was strong...I bore my testimony about my mommy. Ha!

Tuesday: I can't really recall lots of details but we taught a bunch of lessons like we usually do every Tuesday; that's like our busy day; I'm not really sure why, but people seem to like to hear about the gospel on Tuesdays!

Wednesday: We had a lesson in the morning with Natalie.  The first time we taught her she already knew that the Book of Mormon was true and and she wants baptism but we have a couple of things to get lined up first. During that lesson the Bishop joined us and he bore his testimony and told the story of the Orbeck family and Fabreese and all the amazing stories that have happened in this ward.  We set a baptism date for the 12th and she is going to try and prepare and be ready.  After that lesson a missionary couple named Elder and Sister Caldwell from Midway, Utah came and taught me to drive stick shift so now I can drive a stick shift car because that is what we have out here.  Soooo look out Tahiti!  I'm not the driver yet, plus my area is mostly bike, but when I get to an area with a car I can drive. Pretty sick if you ask me!

Thursday: Just another crazy, busy day like always...Ha! No turkey and stuffing out here in Tahiti!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were the toughest 3 days of my mission so far...but things are good...the language is coming along...and I am committed more than ever to be the most hard-working servant of Christ.  I don't ever want to be seen as just a kid with a name tag, I am here for more. 

On Saturday we baptized little Blueberry Tuhey and that was really great.  The Spirit was strong and we have a lesson with his Mom and Dad next week.  My back was really hurting again that day so I asked my companion for a blessing and I felt way better.  I will be good.

I love you all! Mom, thank you so much for the letter and Ensign conference magazine you included with my package...I actually read from that this morning.  Dad, thanks for your email too...the poem is really great.  You guys are the best parents ever!

Elder Boyd

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