Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 13: Baptism of the Family Orbeck

Hey Family! This week was really great and went by really fast.

Last P-Day we gathered with another zone and an Elder who was in the MTC with me, Elder Isabell, was there too so he, Elder Dalton, and I got to spend some time standing knee-deep in the super-warm ocean and talked for awhile to catch up on great missionary experiences so far. Eventually, we joined the others playing (you guessed it) beach soccer SURPRISE, haha but yeah it was a good day.

We enjoyed Family Night with Yanki again (the ward missionary I told you about last week), and that is always so awesome because I love Yanki! I got to teach lessons to all of his kids who are currently inactive but all so great! They are progressing a lot and seem to want to make the necessary changes in their lives to return to full church activity.

Tuesday was just a really busy day and we did a lot of work and taught a lot of lessons...great day!

Our first English class on Wednesday went surprisingly well! As we hoped, a lot of people came to the class and it was really fun because Tahitians are just super energetic and they know how to enjoy life, so we played English Learning games the whole time and had a great time. The whole Orbeck family came as well which was really cool! It was a success.

Of course, Friday was the moment of truth for the family Orbeck as we baptised all of them ... and it was sooo awesome!! I got to baptize the little girl named Vehia who is 13 years old. She is so little and humble, and their whole family is remarkable. I have been so blessed to watch this family change and grow and become involved with the local ward members. Mahinui, their 16 year old son, is now considering the possibility of going a mission right when he is 18. I love these people!

 The family Orbeck on their baptism day

A new day for Vehia

I haven't told you about this house we pass all of the time with all of these great Tahitian guys who sit outside and have the most contagious laughter ever! It is fun to visit them when we pass by, and guess what? They are all active members of the church as well. I guess it's a Tahitian brotherhood thing, and they sure seem like they have a good, clean, fun time -- all day long, every day. Life is good in Tahiti.

Our investigator who was supposed to be baptized on Saturday who is a good young man, can't be baptized because his parents were going to kick him out of their house if he went through with it.  So he had a lot of pressure over that and cancelled. I feel badly for him. Hopefully hearts will be softened. So then something crazy happened! I went on splits with frere Opuu Tera (Papi), and while we were out in a neighborhood I talked to this guy and set a time to teach him on Sunday (yesterday). It turns out that he's the oldest brother of our investigator that had to cancel his baptism! So, that is going to be a big blessing! If the older brother will listen and feel the spirit, it might help to soften the hearts of the parents.  Keep them in your prayers! 

Another super funny, but incredible, thing happened this week...haha. While talking with Tuhei, who is the awesome little kid that I met when I very first came to this ward, I felt to give him the baptism challenge, and I said, Tuhei my friend, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be ...", and he just cuts in and yells, OUI!!!!!!!! Hahahaa it was so funny the way his excitement got the best of him, and also very touching. So, he will be baptized on the 28th of this month.

Sunday was such a great day because it was the Primary program in our ward, and that was so hilarious! hahaha. I love the kids here! There is just nothing better than the Primary program is a favorite all around the world.

Love, Elder Boyd

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