Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Week 14: Birthday in Tahiti

Hey, Ia Orana! 

This week was really great! Of course the week started on P-day with beach soccer (but today we are actually going to the lighthouse on the island and we get to go to the top of it so that's gonna be new and awesome!) 
P-Day ankle-deep in warm water with my Zone

Also, last Monday was the last day Sister Stastney was going to be in our zone so she took our journals to write in them and wrote us all great messages. We hung with our zone at the beach and I loved it...the sand was so hot that Elder Pruett and I both got burns on our lily white feet so that was really painful for a couple of days, but it healed quickly. Then Elder Teamo lost our house key so we had to stay in the house and study the rest of P-day but we found it the next day just in time to get back to work. 

Elders Teamotuetau and Boyd

Tuesday we had a whole lot of lessons and it was pretty much a good, normal day. Wednesday was our English language class and it was extra fun and went super well. We taught the verb "to be" and "to have" and played a fun game. The Tahitians love games and are always up for some fun so it was great! Ha!  A lot of people here have the desire to learn English so we always have a good turn out. Elder Dalton is one of my favorite people ever and we get along great! He and I laugh at all of the French words that sound a little "iffy" in the English language and have a good time all day long! 

Thursday was my birthday and we went to have a conference at the chapel in Papeete with this guy who taught about stress and how to handle it. It was a good message. Then when I walked out of the conference my whole zone had made a cake and sang "Happy Birthday" to me. They gave me a "Frozen hat" and it was awesome. That afternoon we had good lessons and then we had dinner at the Orbeck's house but it out to be a birthday party for me! They sang to me and gave me presents, just some really cool Tahitian decorative stuff and it was a pretty great day.

Birthday dinner with the Orbecks and other Mahina ward members

My 19th Birthday with good people I have been able to teach and see baptized

Friday we just had a lot of lessons again but it was hard cause I was really tired, I don't know why. It must have been all the Birthday partying! Haha! It was really funny because over here when someone is eating they yell "Tama'a" which means "let's eat", so when I'm eating they are all like Elder! Tama'a!, and I'm just like......ummm ok, haha, yeah that's what I'm doing! I'm not sure if I'm not eating fast enough or if I'm not eating enough...I bet you never thought you'd hear that one! 

Elder T and I with Poerani and Vehia Orbeck

Saturday we had splits all day and I had a lesson with Remoana and Angenita and that lesson had the Spirit from the get-go! It was seriously bouncing off the walls and going nuts! And I was like ooohhhhhh geeeezzz, do you feel that? Will you be baptized? And they said yes! So yeah, another baptism coming over here.  

I forgot to tell you about Fabreese who was baptized this week. You just look at this guy and see humility on his face! I love that guy!  Also we are teaching these two guys named Steve and Arama; Arama is a member and Steve is a non-member and they are really cool. Funny thing, Steve's Bday was the same day as mine so that was a cool day! 

Steve (green shirt) Arama (white shirt) Yanki (lower)

On splits with Yanki. I love that guy!

This week I really gained an appreciation for my sweet little mother and I miss her soo much! My mom is a miracle and from the start of my life she has taken care of me and loved me! 

I love you all! Happy Thanksgiving to all back home!

Elder Boyd

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