Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 16: A view from the top of Tahiti

Hey Everyone!

This week was honestly nuts! Busy and packed...just the way it should be on a mission!

Monday: After we emailed we went to the church to practice for a Christmas Concert and sang for what felt like forever. That wasn't great because I was in the church...closed in...all day....and that's the one day we aren't at church all day! Hahaha! But move over MoTab...we sound pretty good.

Elder Boyd and his little buddy Brian

Tuesday: You guessed it...lessons all day! It was a lot of work, but hey, my back is feeling sooo much better!  I don't know why but it's honestly better so mauruuru Heavenly Father!!! Our hot water stopped working at our house, so good times!  AAAHHH! Elder Drugeon thinks that it is Satan trying to tear us down because both companionships in our house are really, really successful right now! I guess Satan continued trying to bug us because it rained like nuts all week as I've been soaked all week. But you know I'm happy doing the work of the Savior so no big deal!

Wednesday: We did splits pretty much all day. I was with Yanki and my companion was with Frere Opuu (Papi). It was fun!  We got so much 15 lessons that day...and Elder Caldwell came and we went for a drive on the mountain which was amazingly beautiful. I could see everything on the island from there, and it was so pretty.  He passed me off so I can drive in the mission now!  Yes, I am now called the Paul Walker of Tahiti.  I will drive in his name and keep his legacy going! 

Views I get to enjoy every day on bikes

Then our zone got together and the Stake President bought dinner for us. I had steak with fries and let me tell you it was "durrrricious", but I felt like I ate forty pounds of butter so ... wow!

Thursday: Just another day and a lot of great lessons....but I cannot remember a whole lot of specifics that would make sense to you all.

Friday: We had zone meeting and then we practiced singing for Sunday (I'll explain that in a little bit) and then just more busy stuff and finally bien dormir!

Saturday; Kind of a crazy day but we did have to put off some of our investigator's baptism date because we have got to get them married first and there just wasn't enough time for all of it to come together fast enough...bummer! We ate at McDonald's...hahaha...good old fast food! 

Good old McDonalds with Papi Tera, Vehia Orbeck, and Poerani Orbeck

Sunday: We sang at Stake Conference and that was great and Elder Haleck (he is so awesome) was there and I got to talk to him again. It is amazing to be right with someone from the Quorum of the just feel the power. 

Tahiti Temple with the Orbeck family

At the Temple with Elders Teamotuaitao, Packer, and Hemo

I love being a missionary! Love you both mom and dad. I'm sending a Christmas package today...I'm getting excited for Christmas! 

Elder Boyd

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