Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Week 19: Christmas at the Mission home, the MTC gang reunited, and the Skype call home

So this was a pretty great week!
A day in the life

Monday after emailing we went to the beach and of course played soccer!  It was the last P-day with all of the older missionaries in our zone; like Elder Bonet, Elder Temanaha-moo, Elder Drugeon, Elder Teamo, Sister Kaiha, and Sister Cromar. It was really fun (but kinda sad) because they were all here when I first got to Tahiti. I couldn't really understand them (except Sister Cromar because she speaks English) so now it is hard to see them go. After that we had family home evening at the Orbeck's house which was great!

It wouldn't feel like Christmas without a visit to the Orbeck family

Tuesday was a slower day. We walked around to everyone in our sector to either find new people or to set up lessons with investigators, but everyone was still pretty busy with cleaning up the mess or Christmas. It was just good to see everyone.

Elder Boyd and Tuhey "The little Blueberry"

Wednesday was awesome! So we did our studies in the morning and then our zone did our weekly meeting Wednesday instead of Friday because Friday was Christmas! Everyone leaving or being transferred talked a little bit and we kind of said our goodbyes. Then our zone and one other zone got to go early to the mission Christmas party because we were getting a reward for accomplishing President Bize's challenges. When we got there I saw Elder Harrah and Sister Lawrence from my district in the MTC and it was great to see them. 

Christmas at the mission home

For my reward I got a little flute. Haha! As soon as I got it Elder Drugeon was like "oooohhh nooooo" hahaha! I guess he knew that I would be running around the house trying to play little tunes on that flute!  Get ready roomies! When the party started I saw my companion from the MTC, Elder Terry, and that was so awesome. I missed that Elder! I got to hang with my whole district from the MTC that day; they are all doing great...I have really missed them! President Bize told us that this is our Christmas break (for one evening...ha) and we watched "How to Train Your Dragon 2" and we had a good time.

Reunion with Elder Terry and others from the MTC gang

Thursday we went on splits and Elder Bonet was with me.  It was Christmas Eve so it was a slower day but I enjoyed my time with Bonet anyway!

Elders Boyd and Bonet with Ward Mission Leader Papi Tera

Friday was Christmas and the big Skype call. Wow! Everyone seems exactly the same and I miss everyone so much. I loved talking with you all! Then we went and wished all the members Merry Christmas and finished the night drinking Martinelli's sparkling cider with Elders Drugeon and Dalton! 

The Christmas call home

Package from home...

Saturday the assistants called! My companion is heading to the other side of the island and I stay here in Faaripo! My new companion is Elder Elledge and he is American and has been out on his mission for quite a while. I am excited to meet him on Wednesday. Later that night Elder Urbani called me just for kicks and giggles and that was really fun talking to him again. It was really cool because this time I could understand him speaking French and that made me so happy!

Sunday we had dinner with our zone and I said goodbye to everyone. Christmas week was great to be together, enjoy the members and investigators, and to celebrate the birth of our Savior. This week things should get back to normal and the work will be busy and exciting again!

I read in Moroni 10 this week and I love how Moroni says never to forget the things that God has already done for you; he really has done so much for us.We will all be so much happier if we focus on all the wonderful things

Love you all,

Elder Boyd

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