Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Week 20: New Companion: Elder Elledge, Papi Tera is Zac Hales, and tracting out the ex-Bishop

Bonjour la famille! 

So I'm writing this email while I'm listening to Kennedi's "tonsils" video haha!  I'm dying right now! She was hysterical coming out of the surgery!  Hahaha! Elder Elledge and I are dying right now!  Haha! this week was kinda long but still really good..."toujours fatigue mais ne jamais fiu"...always tired but never sick of it! :)

Monday we woke up and I ran and exercised and stuff and then we went to the mission home and I got to talk to President Bize for a little bit before we went to exchange was great to visit!  We went to the temple and then we waited for Elder Dalton's new companion, Elder Duncan, and then we drove back (just the three of us because I had to wait for my companion to get here from Takaroa..he came on Thursday) and then I went to FHE with Dalton and Duncan in Papenoo.

Tuesday was good!  We scheduled Papi to get here at 10:30 and as soon as he got here he and I just hit the pavement/jungle/beautiful scenery and went nuts! We visited everyone we could think of and we did absolutely everything that we could to share messages!  We ended up sharing like 5 that day which wasn't too bad.  I love Papitera, that guy is so awesome; I just realized last week that he is just like an older version of Zac Hales; he is just short and funny and has so much energy and he just loves to serve God!

Wednesday our investigator Imiura called and she is sick in the hospital. Papi went to the hospital to give her a blessing; so Dalton asked me to come work in his sector until Papi got back; so I went with Duncan and Dalton and we picked up Charles from Papenoo.  Charles and I started our contacting and then I thought of something I wanted to try so I talked to Charles and told him I thought we should pray specifically for guidance of where we needed to be right at that very minute. So we did that and we immediately thought to go to this green house.  We shared a little thought with a 30 year old girl and she wanted to listen. It was awesome. After that we prayed and thanked God for leading us to her and we found 2 more people in one hour so we shared 3 messages right after our prayer!  It was fantastic! After that I got back with Papi and we headed right out again. We went to see Herenui and Heipua but Heipua was the only one home.  She just lost her unborn baby.  Heipua was five months pregnant and then she had a miscarriage; so this made me sad; but when I was talking to her she was smiling and had a good attitude.  I can tell that she is trying really hard. I've been doing a lot of praying for her; it makes me so sad, I want the two of them to pull everything together and get baptized.  They are such good people.

Elders Elledge and Boyd enjoying a welcome dinner and Choosing the SpRITE

Thursday we went to pick up my new companion, Elder Elledge (he is from Boise, Idaho), and he was all decked out in leis and stuff...haha...that's what happens when you leave another island that you have been serving on for a while. But anyway, we picked him up and I showed him around the sector so he could meet all the great members and stuff.  We did that all day on Friday too...we have a lot of great members obviously!!

Saturday we got right back to work and taught lessons and stuff.  I had heard a couple weeks back that there was this house at the very top of the mountain that we had never seen or been to. We had some time so I found the road to go to the house and we hiked for a while to go see it.  We finally got there and it was a crazy nice house! It turns out that there was a family up there and we talked with the man (Daniel) and we were sharing stuff about the gospel and he already new the exact verses that we were going to share.  Then he told us that he was inactive and that he had held big callings in the church (but he wouldn't tell us his callings) he was a little reserved but very nice. Later that night we asked the Bishop if he knew him and we said his name and he was like wowee! (People act like he is a legend or something...haha it's interesting).  I guess he was a Bishop at one I guess that makes him an inactive we are just gonna keep visiting him and try to help him back!

Sunday Elder Dalton got crazy sick and so after church we just stayed in the house and took care of him. I guess he's got the Dengue doesn't look fun. Dang You, Fever!

Elder Elledge and I are going to get along great...we are off and working already and excited about the work! 

The canyon in the sector/area

Love you all, I'm bummed that I missed seeing "crazy tonsil Kennedi" in full force, but I love being a missionary out here!  

Until next week...

Elder Boyd

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