Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Week 22: Dehydration take down, L's sincere prayer, and transfer week is coming

Hi everyone! 

So this week was pretty eventful!

Monday: After we emailed we went to Papeete for some bike stuff (and yeah that was expensive) and then after that we drove to the Mahina Beach and played beach soccer and chilled with everyone from our zone and the Arue zone..that was pretty fun!

Tuesday: Just a normal, good, busy day!

Wednesday: We had a Multi-Zone Conference and it was so good! I learned a lot about finding new people which is exactly what I want and need to do!

Thursday: We had a whole bunch of lessons and work to do it was just non-stop on the go haha! We did a bunch of service work too, so yeah it was crazy. I hadn't had anything to drink that day, so when I was in the doorway of my house and I was talking to Papi about our investigators, my back started cramping. I'm guessing it was because of the lack of water, and next thing I know I am on the ground and Papi is helping me up haha! So after that they called Sister Bize and I had to rest in the house the rest of the day...haha...lame!

Friday: We went to Arue and to have an interview with President Bize. I was really nervous at the beginning after passing out the day before...haha, but it was a really good interview and he showed me my numbers and how I've been doing so far; I kinda hate the numbers game; but I like how President looks at the numbers. He looks at them like they are people and not stats; he just gets what we are doing here. I was happy with my numbers and I'm even doing better than I thought was doing so yeah, that that was good.

Saturday was great...just a lot of lessons and stuff. There is this guy that I have been trying to get a lesson with for so long, but he always says "no". However, this time he came up to us and asked if he could do a lesson with us! So we planned it for the following day and that was cool, his name is Ludovic. 

Sunday: We had church and then ate at this "after church party" thing then we had the lesson with Ludovic.  During the lesson he just started bawling; I felt really bad for him because he is in a really tough situation.  We asked him to pray at the end of the lesson and it was the most sincere and powerful prayer I have ever heard...that spirit was so strong. He is a good kid and the gospel will help him turn his life around...I just know it.

Elders Boyd and Elledge being well fed (again) by the Orbeck family

Well, I feel my time is getting short in Fa'aripo and I'm really sad that I'll be leaving soon. I'm excited to see where I go next and what happens next. My time has gone so fast here, and I have developed a love for the people of this sector that I could have never will be so hard to say goodbye. 

Love you all...have an awesome week and I hope you guys are doing great!  

Stay strong and faithful!


Elder Boyd

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