Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Week 21: Fafaru is smelly and you eat it with your fingers, but investigators are making strides

Iaorana! Maita'i oe? (Hello! How are you?) Another good week in Tahiti!

Monday: After we emailed we went back to the house and took care of Elder Dalton because he was so dang sick! (He had that Dengue fever...nasty!)  and then Elder Elledge and I went hiking with our zone and that was soo cool! I literally felt like Bear Grylls because it was a tiny trail on the side of a mountain cliff and it was all tropical and it was amazing! I am in such a beautiful part of the world! After that we went to FHE with Yanki and his family and that was awesome.

Study Time

Tuesday: We went on splits with Yanki and Papi...always a good experience. I went with Yanki and Elledge went with Papi and we got a bunch done that day. We taught 10 lessons! I also went contacting with Yanki because he thought of a person we could go to see and it was a man who is in a wheelchair and his name is Vaniva and he has one amputated leg and the other is like not good and I think it's kind of rotting or something (it's sad) but anyway I taught a little about the grace of Jesus Christ and we set up a time to come back so that was great...he seemed really interested.

Wednesday: Dalton was still pretty sick so I went and taught a lesson with his companion,  Elder Duncan, in Papenoo and during the lesson I got this wicked headache and I thought oh geez, I'm getting the "Dalton fever"  and I was like shoot! By the time we got back to the house I was getting worse so the rest of the day I stayed and slept and Dalton and I looked gross. So Elledge and Duncan went out and taught lessons! I was angry I was sick. But don't worry, whatever it was I was feeling a little better by the next day...I wasn't down for long!

Thursday: I was still a little sick but I still went out to teach and that was a good day.  I was a little tired but glad I was out!

Gun fight in the rough streets of Fa'aripo

Video Link: https://vimeo.com/151524167

Friday: We had zone meeting (like always, ha) and that was good. Then after that we taught Herenui and Heipua. Elledge and I have developed a pretty great teaching plan and teaching strategy for them (we work really well together) but anyway our lessons are going so great with them and I see great things in their future! It makes me happy...they go in and out of staying on the path but I just know they can do it!

Saturday: It was great as well...just a normal day of contacting and teaching. 

Sunday: After church we went and ate ma'a Tahiti with Tamatoa and some other people. Ma'a Tahiti is like REAL Tahitian food. It's like fish and all this weird stuff! They cook it down in a fire like all day...it's crazy! I thought it would be gross at first but then I got used to it and thought heck this is sooo good! Then I had Marquesan Fafaru (this stuff is fish that is marinated in fermented seawater or something for three days...boy does this stuff smell!) I just kept eating and I'm really not sure what everything was...hahaha! It's considered rude if you eat ma'a Tahiti with a fork...they eat it straight with their hands...so there I was eating crazy good Tahitian food with no manners...it was awesome! 

So the best experience this week...you know how I had been getting frustrated with Herenui because he just would not progress? He would tell us that he couldn't stop smoking; he wasn't reading the Book of Mormon or praying and we tried everything to keep him trying. With some investigators when they just don't progress after a long time and you have done everything you can think of; it's better to tell them you can't teach them consistently anymore and just stop the lessons for a bit...it's in their hands at some point.  So when we went over there this week I was ready to go over the lesson plan explaining why we can't teach him and before I said all that stuff I asked him one more time; "Herenui have you prayed...yes; have you read....a little bit, how's it going with the Word of Wisdom...... good, I am progressing." Holy smokes!  

I hadn't heard answers like that from him in weeks! So I was shocked and  we kept on teaching him! I know now that God did not want me to let that kid go, and I am so glad I didn't start in on the lesson that I had planned to give, because right now his attitude has totally changed! Herenui and Heipua are progressing and I am so happy for them!

Pray for my investigators! Have a great week and love you all!

Elder Boyd

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