Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Week 18: More mud clean-up, healing fire ant bites, a tour of Pape'ete, and discovering kiwi fruit

Hi everyone!

It was a busy week...a good one, but I'm tired!

Elders Boyd & Teamotuetau

Monday:  So after I emailed last week, we quickly went to the store and headed straight back to doing service.  So much work to be done after the flooding and it feels good to help.  Pretty much what we did this week was take food to all the people in my sector and help wherever we could because people are busy with cleaning up everything! (You should see one of my pairs of underwear...haha it's straight up Tahitian-mud looks like the military garments so that's pretty gives you an idea of all of the mud we are cleaning up over here)!  Anyway, towards the end of the day Sister Orbeck was trying to get me to go to the doctor because of the bites that are still all over me (by the way they are actually fire ant bites...ewww) but I just politely said "no"...ha and then she left and went to the store. She bought all of this expensive mйdicine for me!! Gosh dang it, why are people so nice?!  These are the best people ever!! After that Sister Bize (who is a little French angel) brought me some more medicine because she and President Bize came down to check on everyone and they were really nice and helpful! They are amazing people. 

Tuesday: I woke up and was in the other room eating some bananas and kiwis (which I swear are straight from heaven) waiting for my companion to finish getting ready and then you guessed it...we did more service and it was a good day!

Choose the Sprite when a choice is placed before you

Wednesday: We ended up doing clean up and service! (You didn't see that one coming...hahaha) and we tried to start setting up our lessons again but everyone is busy building up the town obviously. We did get 5 lessons in this week anyway....which was nice. The work will go forward! I found out today that my companion from the MTC, Elder Terry, is being transferred to a really beautiful island so I'm gonna call him today and tell him he is a lucky dingus! Haha! I miss that kid...I didn't really know how much I would miss funny little Elder Terry...haha...good times.

Pedaling most of the day is the new normal

Thursday: Woke up...haha! Oh, I forgot to mention that right next door at the chapel there are some members who are sleeping there right now because their homes are in too much of a mess after the flood.  It's sad. BUT, they have made breakfast for us all week and it is great!  They have this thing called "milo" and it's kinda like hot chocolate but man that stuff is amazing!

Exploring the island with the Orbeck family

Friday: Another big day of service and the day my body finally realized how tired I was! Holy moly!  We had a zone meeting too, which is always fun 'cause my zone is funny to be around and just basically awesome.

Saturday: We got up and did more work and then visited our investigators and tried to set up some more lessons for this week. We have several set up so we are getting back to the normal schedule.  Then we went to sing at our first of three Christmas concerts.

Sunday: We went to Church and then went and got ready for our second concert. Ok, so I will remember this concert forever!  It was at a little outside party thing, and we get there and Sister Tissou (who is awesome by the way) is playing the piano. But the piano there was like a weird old jazz-like piano and it was so awkward to sing to!  Ha!  And then the MC, who would talk in between each song, was talking all smooth and jazzy-like and Elder Dalton, Elder Gilstrap and I were laughing our heads off! I guess we needed a good laugh after the last week! 

Then all of a sudden, in the middle of the concert floor, these dogs just got into a full-out was crazy! Then all of these dogs came out of "goodness knows where" and joined in and got in a circle around the two brawling dogs and were barking at them! Then this guy came up and started kicking the dogs (I think he had been drinking a little too much) and these ten little kids came and joined in and started kicking at the dogs and then another guy came in and grabbed one of the fighting dog's legs and just chucked the dog like 20 feet...oh my gosh! This was all in the middle of our concert!  Haha its was a disaster...but it made my mission! (Oh and also the baptisms and serving people made my mission...haha). It wasn't exactly the MoTab Christmas concert by any means! Then we had our last concert at the Mahina chapel and that one was pretty awesome.  Let me tell you "Silent Night" and "O Holy Night" in French sounds so cool and Christmasy. "O Holy Night" was just me, Elder Pruett, Elder Drugeon, Elder Dalton and Elder Gilstrap yeah I got forced into that one! But it actually sounded great.

In Church

Ok, so I learned something this week. My whole life I have told people that I hated kiwi, but truthfully, I never tried it before because the outside looks hairy and gross and like a great big poop dropping! But this week we ran out of food and that was the only thing left so I decided I was gonna be brave and try the kiwi. So I ate it and I was like, "oh my gosh this is amazing, this has got to be the fruit from the tree of life" but then I was sad because I had missed out on 19 years of truly living and enjoying kiwi! 

This is kinda like the commandments of God, Satan makes the commandments of God look like a kiwi, it looks unappealing on the outside, it doesn't look like it will benefit us at all. But when we just open it up and we live the commandments it'll be good and delicious and make our lives better! The truth is that it really is good! Sooner or later we will realize the things we should have been doing and then we will be extremely sad because we could've been doing it all along and had the joy from it! So there is my little kiwi story...haha!

Merry Christmas everyone.  Talk to you in just a few days!!

Love you!!!

Elder Boyd

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