Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week 24: First Week in Bora Bora, training Elder Puluiuvea

What up family!  So this week was a bit long but GREAT! The first week of a new transfer is long because there is always so much to do! 

Bora Bora ... to whom here will I be led to share the gospel?

Monday: It was a good P-day! After I emailed we went and played basketball with some members on the island and that was fun. I'll have you know that I absolutely destroyed! Ha! After that we had family night with this inactive family and it was good. We taught about the Holy Ghost and how it can be a guide in our lives.  

My first work day here in Bora Bora was just OK. I think the companion before me (the one who started training Elder Puluiuvea, my new companion from New Caledonia, and whose training I will be completing) was maybe a little bit ready to go home. He was at the very end of his mission and I'm sure it is hard to stay motivated when you are thinking of home. I noticed that all of the members, except for three, were really near to our house -- meaning the Elders stayed pretty close to home instead of riding their bikes to the end of the sector to go teach. Just my observation.

Arriving in Bora Bora meeting my MTC buddy, Elder Soverign (left) and my 
new companion Elder Puluiuvea (right) from New Caledonia

So, Wednesday we got on our bikes and pedaled all the way to the end of our sector! Oh my gosh this island is awesome! I loved it because it is where Matira Beach is...which is literally the highest rated beach in the world! It is so unbelievably pretty! So we started contacting there and found 7 new investigators and we are still not even close to being done contacting that part of the sector.

Matira Beach at the very end of our sector

Thursday, we went back toward Matira Beach and had a few lessons and taught this little family. The parents were nice, but I could tell they were stressed like crazy; they have 4 little kids and they work several jobs just to stay afloat. We started talking about trials and she interrupted and said, "Too many trials!" Then she just went off on how she has had so many trials that have made her overprotective of her family and super closed off to other people. She said she has even lost her trust in God! Her question to us was, "Why are the wicked better off than most of the good?" 

I could see why she would feel that way; so that was at the end of the lesson, and I told her in next lesson we will talk all about her question more! I do know that God is really there for us and if we just trust in him everything will be okay.  I hope the next lesson goes well...I need to prepare and get my thoughts together and let the Spirit guide us. I'll let you know how that goes.

On Friday we went contacting and found more really cool people! And we continued contacting all through Saturday.

Sunday was a great day. At church we met some great local members and  also saw some LDS tourists from Orem! This couple was vacationing here and came to church -- they have a son on a mission too. She was like, "Make sure you send you mother pictures! Haha"! She was just like you, mom...I wondered if you actually sent her...haha...they were cool!

I have to tell you about this Elder that is staying in our house right now; his name is Elder Escoffre (just picture the French version of Mr. Bean...haha!)., and he is so funny! After a long day it is great to just come home and talk to him because he's so fun!

Attending church with all the Elders serving here

I remember before my mission everyone was like,"Wow! You have a two-year vacation",  but it has not been even close to that! It has been hard, but it has been worth it!  I'm so happy with my decision to be here, I miss everyone at home so much but this is where I need to be. Looking back at all the experiences I have had so far as a missionary, I honestly don't know how I have done everything so far... I must not have been alone! ;) 

On my mission I have learned this: If you are doing something hard or having a hard time in your life right now, stop complaining, go straight to your knees, then pick up a Book of Mormon or a Bible, listen closely to that voice in your heart, stand back up and follow it! The Lord is there! 

Have a great week and until next week...Au Revoir!

Love, Elder Boyd

Serving and sharing the word of God in this beautiful paradise

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