Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 25: Motu fun with Tamatoa, teaching Karime, and overcoming fear is power

Bonjour! This week went by so flipping fast!

After emails on P-Day, Elders Sovereign, Ruff, Stewart and I hung out with an investigator named Tamatoa; he's the coolest kid. He is 18 years old and he has a baptism date fixed so I'm excited for him! He has a tiny little boat that looks like it'll break down any minute, but he took us to a motu -- one of those little islands that surround the middle island of Bora Bora!! This is where all of the nice bungalows and hotels are. We climbed a coconut tree and ate coconuts and chilled for a little bit haha! 

It was amazing how the water is soooo blue and clear. It is so hard to explain, but it's really neat. Tamatoa told us that he wants to serve a mission once he is baptized... it was so cool.  Then we had family night with a couple of families and that was really fun. 

I feel like I am really changing and growing as a missionary.  I used to be nervous to share messages and stuff, with the language and all,  but now it's like I can hardly wait to share a message. It's cool how that change comes because I actually see that the messages I am sharing, are changing someone's life.  It makes me excited to teach and help people...I can't let nerves get in the way!

On Wednesday we were totally full with lessons and we did not even have a spare minute to do any contacting so that was great! We taught this little kid named Karime and his friends: Tama and Keihei. They are 8 years old and they love learning about Christ; it was fun to teach them! 

Thursday, we taught more lessons and later in the day we went on splits and Mr. Bean was with me! Haha it was so great! We went and taught Karime and his friends again and played a 20 minute soccer match with them. It was the three of them against me and Mr. Bean (just imagine what it would be like to play with Mr. Bean haha!) They are good kids!

Friday, we had District Meeting and that was great. Every District Meeting we first talk about our sectors and then one missionary is in charge of the lesson or talk. It was Sovereign's turn and he did not prepare so he whispered to me,  "Elder Boyd, when you talk about your sector can you make it long?" So I spoke about every investigator and I took 25 minutes so he only had to talk for 20 minutes when he was supposed to take 40 minutes or so! He owes me one!

Saturday, Pulu and I taught more lessons. One of them was with this old man named Timoti and we shared the story of Joseph Smith.... and he was shocked and amazed by the story and the spirit was crazy nuts. So we engaged him for baptism! The only hard thing is that he promised his father before he died that he would stay in his current church. We are respecting his commitments, but I know he wants to follow his Father in Heaven and spirit he felt even more.  It's kinda hard for him, but he'll get there...I know he feels the Spirit and will be able to make the right choice when the time is right for him.

Sunday, we enjoyed church and visited investigators and families -- Good day!

Things are busy out here and I love it.  Talk to you all next week!

Elder Boyd

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