Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 27: Bro Howard's smile, attending a reception at the Four Seasons Bora Bora, and Walking the Path of Goodness

Bonjour Family!

Ok so this was a crazy week and went by really's almost a blur! Holy Smokes! 

Monday: After emails and stuff we were just sitting in the house chilling with everyone and I got a call on the phone. I answered it and I heard,  "Hey Elder Boyd!" The voice sounded so familiar.  It was Andre from Faaripo (my old sector)! It turns out that he just moved over here and is now living in my sector again! So I went to see him at his new house and we talked and chilled and just caught up! I was so happy. Andre and I were really tight in Faaripo so it felt like I never left. It was so awesome! Then I realized that I had scheduled two family nights, so we had two that night! Haha! It was a great night.  One of our appointments was with Brother Howard (the kind old man that I talked about last week) and I took a pic with him so you guys could see who he was... it was a selfie haha!

Elder Boyd with Brother Howard

Tuesday: This was a day full of lessons and then we picked up a new missionary who came from Faanui. He is brand new and can't speak a word of French! I love seeing these new missionaries, it's so fun! I remember those days and how crazy they were...I can't believe how that time passes so quickly. But Elder Ivie, the new missionary, is great! He is out and ready to work and is excited. His companion is Mr. Bean so he will have a pretty darn good start!

Wednesday through Friday: We were really busy with lessons and we had a great lesson with a lady named Tehea Tepea and her fiance (who is already LDS) and that is going super great! I can definitely see a good future for them!  

Elders Boyd and Pula

Then Elder Pulu and I got invited to a wedding reception for a great guy named Urah (he is from the sector Anau...which is Elder Sovereign's sector) and the reception was at the nicest restaurant ever! Yea, it was so good! Elder Sovereign had to sing and my companion played guitar and I learned the song on the ukulele. I really want to get a ukulele of my own...oh yes I will be playing and singing until I'm a little old man! 

At the restaurant there is this sign that says all of the famous people that have been there and there were tons! Like Johnny Depp, Paris Hilton, Leonardo Dicaprio, Dwight Howard etc... and also Carrie Underwood! I was like woohoo and I took a picture of it since I will probably never get to go there again! 

The place was super cool because it's all sand inside and "islandy" like and the food was so good.  I had ribs and for those who know me, I hate ribs,  but these were unbelievable and I ate swordfish which was awesome too!! So that was a really good night and we were excited that they invited us to come!

Saturday: This was one of our really great member's birthday and she works at the Four Seasons (the nicest hotel in Bora Bora) and she invited us to go and eat breakfast over there with some members.  The food there was crazy good too! Oh my gosh! Then we walked around the resort and the water was amazing and the whole place was just unbelievably cool.

Sunday: We went to church and then had lessons and a bunch of meetings and then we just finished our day with my little companion's training stuff and then we just chilled with Elder Ivie and Mr. Bean.  It was a busy and a really fun week! 

I listened to an awesome talk from Hank Smith (he is amazing) and the talk is called "Real Life". He talks about about how if we make the right decisions in our lives,  things still might not be all flowers and roses...haha! He said something interesting, Christ gave us three things to do in this life; He said learn of me, hear my voice, and walk and you shall have peace! I really liked that! If we follow God, and do the right thing we might not get exactly what we want right away, but Christ's promise is that we shall have peace!

I ask all of you to learn of Christ, hear His voice, and walk! Take that hard step, or that step that will change your life forever.  Like a mission, or a calling, or decision to give up a friend that's not the best influence. Walk in the path of goodness and I promise you that eventually "ye shall have peace in me". 

Package from home ...

Elder Boyd

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