Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 28: Family Night with 10 kids, Bro Howard's blessing, and gratitude for good friends

What up fam?!!!

So this week was in fact a pretty darned successful week! But I think I almost died of hunger because we ran out of food at the house, so I really only ate at member's houses.  It's hard to teach lessons when you are eyeing the bag of chips in their kitchen...ha!  But it's ok..we are going to the store today which is exciting...I know you always said to never go to the grocery store when you are hungry or you come home with a cart full of cookies and chips...but here we go! Ha!

After emailing last Monday we went back to the house and I was so excited to show Elder Ivie  (the new guy) all of the food stands and stuff around the island, so we took him on the big tour! Then we played volleyball (all six of the Elders on Bora Bora against a bunch of Tahitian's that have played volleyball all of their lives) so yes, we got absolutely smashed! Then we played basketball and WE destroyed them back, so it was pretty sick! After that we had FHE with 10 little was the easiest and the funnest FHE I have done.  They just loved it and took it all in! 

Tuesday, we went to Herenui's house and that went really well. All of her cousins were there and they were very interested in our message. That was really, really great and they will all be there tomorrow when we go back for our next lesson...I'll let you know how it goes.  

Most of the week it rained like nuts! So that was a downer, but we kept up the work got a lot done. It ended up being a great week in spite of being soaked most of the time. 

Thursday, we had lessons and then Brother Howard, the awesome little grandpa that I love out here, was super sick. We went to give him a blessing and he asked me to give it to him in English. To be honest I have never had a blessing flow like that! I wondered, "why did that blessing just flow like that"...I mean I don't remember what I said exactly, but it felt so good, and I realized it was simply because I had a real love for that little man.  In our lives we need to feel that kind of love for makes everything in life make sense.  A life filled with love will always flow better than a life with little or no love. 

Friday, we met with this guy from "Aito Hot Dogs" (this hot dog guy that is so cool) and we got free hot dogs and talked to him (so grateful for that -- we were really hungry), then headed off to teach more lessons.

Saturday, my companion woke up super sick so he slept all day and I studied Tahitian all day. That language is crazy hard..I asked some Tahitians on Sunday if they could help me and they were like, "we don't speak the real Tahitian, we speak 'ghetto Tahitian' because it's too hard!" Ha!  So I might learn how to speak like a Tahitian gangster...I am not really sure!

Sunday was such a great day at church. Afterward, Elders Sovereign and Ruff came over and slept at our house this time so yeah, that means we didn't really sleep much last night! Ha! 

I thought a lot this week about my friends back home and the examples that they were to me. It is because of many of them that I'm here and on the path that leads to Christ. I studied the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, and those three friends were ready to die together in the furnace because they loved their God.  I love the picture of them in the furnace and you can see the Savior with them, and to be honest He looks pretty comfortable with all of them! So ask yourselves, would the Savior fit in with your friends?

Have a great week and until next time...Nana!

Elder Boyd

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