Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 29: The Power of Priesthood blessings, teaching English, and a baptism planned for April

Hi Family! This week was a good one!

Monday: After emails we played volleyball with the locals and had FHE with all of those little kids again who I sent a picture of last week. It was so fun! I love teaching little kids because they are easy to teach and just so happy and excited about it all!

Tuesday is always our busy day for teaching lessons; I'm not quite sure why, but it's always busy! We showed up at Herenui's home and she wasn't there. So we are gonna go back again tomorrow.  We didn't have time last week to head back to her house, but the rest of the lessons that day went really well.

Wednesday, we had a lesson really early that morning that a member referred us to. We taught the lesson along with the member, Pierre Atiu, but we just call him Papi or Papi Pierre. This is one thing that I love that about Polynesia; people call all the grandpas "Papi" and grandmas "Mami"...I love that haha! The lesson was good!

Thursday we were busy with lessons all day and taught a neat family. You can just tell that this family loves their grandma (Mami) and their Mami is so sweet! She is super nice and she rarely speaks in French; she speaks mostly old Tahitian. I can understand a little bit, but my French is much better. We showed up that day and she was really sick. We gave her a blessing with all of her grown up kids and her grandchildren sitting right there. 

After the blessing the spirit was so strong! She just sat there crying and holding on to us. She wouldn't let go of our hands. She was so touched by the Spirit and the Priesthood power that she felt. It was amazing to me. I have never seen a reaction quite like that...I have only heard about them. The priesthood is so necessary in our lives and in our families. I will make absolutely sure that in my family, if I have sons, they are gonna hold this priesthood and they are gonna be worthy of it! They are gonna bless lives with the priesthood power of our Savior! 

Friday we taught some pretty effective lessons and then I went on splits with the new Elder (Ivie) and we taught an English class. The class was so fun because Tahitians just laugh when they try to speak another language, and it was a night full of good old fun and laughter! Hahaha!

Saturday we got a baptism date fixed for April 2nd and we are really, really excited! I'll tell you even more about that next time.

Sunday was a good, normal Sunday. I enjoyed visiting with AndrŠ¹ and then we had our Sunday sleepover with all the missionaries on the island!  Haha! We enjoy telling our weekly missionary stories to each other and just catching up!

Have a great week and love you all!  

Elder Boyd

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