Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Week 31: I am a Missionary of Jesus Christ

Wuddap, Family?!

This week was really hard, but still good. Some things were just straight up sad though ... read on.

On Monday, we did our P-day stuff (laundry,  shopping, cleaning) and then played basketball like usual.  

Island life on P-Day

We had FHE with Steve, one of our investigators, and WOW that guy is ready for baptism! He is getting married on the 28th of April and then he will be baptized after that. I'm so pumped for this family!

Tuesday, we went out for our lessons and Herenui was there this time and was so happy to see us! That family is busy and stressed all the time! I really hope that they accept the gospel soon because I know that this is THE way to help them.

Wednesday, we just laid around and slept all day...hehehe...just kidding!  We had a boatload of lessons we were all over the place! Busy days are the best!

Thursday was a really tough day for me. We had a bunch of lessons to do and they were all really great, we were on a high! Then we had our meeting with the Bishop, the Ward missionaries, and also the Mission Leader. We started talking about one of our investigators that the missionaries have been teaching for a really long time. She is so awesome, but she is one of those investigators that you have to be patient with. Let the gospel manifest itself you know. But, apparently, last Saturday she received a visit that no one told us about, and they tried to force her to be baptized to the point that they told her that they would be back at 4:00 to pick her up for her baptism! Well let's just say that didn't go over well at all.  So I heard about that for the very first time in the meeting. 

The Bishop said that it has been way too long that the missionaries have been teaching her! She either needed to be dropped or be pushed a little. He wanted to just send in the couple missionaries as a final attempt after the Saturday fiasco. I told him no, that he needs to be patient with the Lord and with her and let the Lord handle this and to have trust in us as missionaries! He said no, it was time to get a commitment or drop her!

We actually had a scheduled lesson with her that night and when we got there I could just tell that it was over! She was really hurt and confused. During the lesson she started to cry. She said to us that she thought that she had a choice about her baptism and that our church was not about forcing a commitment before she was ready. I was so sad! So Elder Pulu and I bore our last testimonies with her and it was over. I just hope she will give it some time and give the gospel another chance. I know one day in this life or in the next she will have her choice to accept baptism. It just broke me and I felt that this was more about numbers than about this investigator.  This situation was one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with as a missionary.

Friday, we woke up and we went straight to the Bishop's house to tell him that we really wanted to be part of any visits that others go on with our investigators. Sometimes we understand different things about these people that don't translate to the reports and the paperwork. We finished the day with a few more lessons.

Sunday was awesome because we had 11 investigators at church that day!  That was awesome for Bora!  Hopefully things will continue to progress with all or most of these great people.

So, I just want you to know how much I love our Savior! I love promising people that He is there and that He is with us and that He loves us! It makes me sad when people don't believe it or don't give it the chance to touch their hearts, but I know that He is there. 

I am a missionary of Jesus Christ and I have left my family and my loved ones so that other families can be together forever. I know that God loves me and that God loves you. I love my Savior and I love all of you. 

Elder Boyd

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