Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 30: Service Projects, spirit-filled lessons, and baptisms on the horizon

Last Monday after emails, we boated to a motu and we did some yard work. It was pretty cool because it is so gorgeous over there...so it was worth it.  After that we had our weekly FHE with all of the little kids again which is always super fun!

Tuesday we started a service project (I'll talk about that later) and afterward had a great lesson with a guy who at the end of the lesson said that he wants to be baptized!! We are gonna set a baptismal date for him during the next lesson! Then we went to see if Herenui was there, but she was not...bummer. So we went and visited some more old investigators and did some contacting before the next lessons.

On Wednesday we taught some lessons and we had a pretty good day, and Thursday we helped at the service project again and had some lessons.  Just regular missionary days.

Friday we woke up and went to the Atiu family's home and taught a lesson with their daughter-in-law. That was such a powerful lesson! I love lessons like that! They make me so flipping happy! After the lesson I honestly think that she will be baptized and change one day!! She really wants to do better...that's all someone needs to change...just the desire and they can do it! Then we had district meeting, but had to leave early and go over to the service project again.

Later, we had a lesson with this girl named Tehea. Her fiance is a member and the lesson with her was so powerful and the Spirit was so strong! I shared D&C 19:23 which is a favorite scripture and then my companion shared a personal experience and he started crying because the Spirit was there! It was such a good lesson and we are fixing a date for her baptism next week! Wow!

Sunday was pretty dope. We went to church and came back and I was just beat. I fell asleep studying and so did Elder Pulu...haha! Then we had a really good lesson but I was sad because the girl said that she can't pray to God because she smokes and she doesn't feel worthy. We tried explaining to her that God is always ready to hear and answer prayers from everyone...He just wants to hear from you.  We told her that you don't need to be perfect to pray and ask for help, but she was so set on the thought that it's just too late for her. It's never too late!! I'm not sure how we can get through to her but we will keep trying. 

After that lesson we had dinner with Craig--an American who moved here to start a restaurant and married a Tahitian woman who was Mormon, and he joined the church here. Holy smokes their house is amazing! We ate just normal spaghetti and garlic bread and that was straight out of heaven...it felt like the first time I'd had American food since the war....holy nuts! It was delicious and I ate a ton! Haha! 

Then we got called to give blessings to two little toddlers, and that was really cool. When we got there they were sleeping and breathing hard because they were really sick.  But after the blessing, their breathing calmed down and they seemed able to rest...it was so cool!  

Then we had our Sunday pre-P-day sleepover with the other Elders on the island and we had our Tahitian gospel jam session! We made a remix of "Don't Worry, Be Happy", "Three Little Birds", and "What's Up"! I was on the ukulele and Pulu played the guitar and Sovereign sang! It was so good...I'll video it next time haha!  

So with the service project I'll tell you more about it next week because some more stuff is gonna happen this week that will make the story super cool!

I realized that my favorite lesson to teach is the Restoration. I love the spirit that comes with that lesson, and I love to explain to people that Jesus has reestablished his church on this earth through a prophet. It makes me smile when I teach it and feel so happy!  The Spirit is always there testifying of the truth of Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith. 

I love missionary work.  I'm glad that I made this decision to serve a mission...it has changed my life forever. It has showed me that there really is a God; and that anyone can change if they want to...it's never too late for anyone if they just want something better. I wish everyone would believe in that truth so that they can immediately start to feel of His love and peace. Serving this mission is so hard at times, but so happy most other times!  This really is the best two years FOR my life and I'm gonna serve God all of my life! I love the gospel!

Love ya!

Elder Boyd

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