Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Week 2: There's no home cooking here!

Daily life in the MTC is pretty much the same thing all day every day, and the food is still killing me slowly ... but surely. The MTC food is actually feeling better on my body as I have simply gotten used to my stomach hurting. The cake you sent was great -- everyone thought it was awesome!! And it was gone (thanks to my district) in 5 minutes!

I taught a lesson on Sunday in district meeting and I didn't know exactly what to say, so I prayed and I thought I had a good lesson prepared; however, I ended up saying something completely different. I told the missionaries that missions are not hard, what's hard would be sitting at home and dealing with regret if we were to quit and couldn't find it in us to endure to the end. One of the Branch Presidency members told me that was exactly what he needed to hear as well as what every missionary needs to hear, so that felt really good.

This week we met two more practice investigators and it is soooooo hard to come up with things in French.. but I know that I will get there sooner or later.

My companion, Elder T, is awesome we work really well together. My district is really nice and I love them all and I hope we all remain friends throughout our lives. I feel God with me here all the time, and I know for certain his spirit is with all of you. You guys have no idea how much I miss you. It was hard saying goodbye to you all, but I know that I am absolutely where I am supposed to be.

Connor with friend Dallin Smuin in MTC

Tell B that he is a total BOSS for breaking up a fight at school. I am so proud of my family. I talk about you all every day. I promise that I will write more after I arrive in Tahiti when there is more actual missionary work going on.

Thank you all for the packages and I love you guys so much. These two years will go by fast, and I know that God is watching over us. Just make sure that you let Him. God loves you more than you know. I invite you all to look closely at what he does for you.

Love you soooooo much!  

Elder Connor Boyd

It's more important to DO right than to BE right.     Don't be a child, be childlike.

Below is a video I put together of all the currently-serving missionaries from our Moyle Park (Alpine, UT) in missions all over the world. It is quite an honorable sacrifice by missionaries, and their families, to spend two years of their lives fully engaged in this work. But as you see their faces in this video there’s no doubt their joy is pure, their hearts engaged, their countenances confident, and their spirits in-tune with no doubt or regrets! What an amazing army of Elders and Sister missionaries our little ward has produced! Good parents, good neighbors … We are thankful to be among them.

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