Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week 1: First P-Day Email home

Tomorrow marks one week since Elder Boyd entered the MTC, but today (Tuesday) was his P-Day so we FINALLY heard from him and we are so pleased to hear from him and see how well he is adjusting to missionary life. Below is content from his letter(s) home to family members today. Explanations in (blue).

I am doing awesome! Tell everyone hi for me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved those seminary teachers (referring to Bro Brown and Bro Durrant who keep telling Brendon and Kennedi how great Connor was as a seminary student -- which they are tired of hearing :))

How does B seem with high school and how is volleyball with with Deeds (Kennedi)? Thank you for the packages, haha. You maybe should have toned it down a bit on the P-day one (lori went all out with the caffeine free Mountain Dew and other goodies), but I loved it!!!!!!! It's soooooo nice to get packages from people.... the food at the MTC sucks so Lukey (Luke Bateman, our little friend across the street whose brother [Elder Jack Bateman] was in the MTC a year ago) is right hahaha. It makes me sooo sick. 

My companion's name is Elder (T). I was so worried that no one would get my humor but God has blessed me with a goofball in our group named Elder (S) from Gilbert, Arizona and he is my best friend in the MTC.  Don't worry, we include or companions, but it is sooooo awesome.  He is hilarious! 

My district is really good too. We are very good with each other and all love each other, so yeah. The language is coming well and I can already pray and bear my testimony in French. We are focussed only on learning French in the MTC, then later, I will learn Tahitian in the field. 

We are teaching a practice investigator in French and it's weird; I hardly remember any of the lesson content in French until I try and teach him, but THEN I can remember what I studied. God is already blessing me with the gift of tongues (a specific promise mentioned in his Patriarchal blessing).
Love you mommy (...and, I'm sure he means that for the rest of his family too :)! I can't wait to hear from you next week.

Hey Dad.... I tried to just include what I was gonna say to you in my email to Mom. The mission is great! I love and miss you. How was your week? I'll write more next week. You're the best!!! 


Elder Connor Boyd

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