Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 3: Missionary in Training

Hello family!

This week was a good week and I was able to learn a lot!  Last Tuesday after P-Day ended we had a devotional and guess who spoke? Dallin H Oaks! Wow! He gave a great talk about how we should teach all the missionary lessons and he gave us better insight on what to say, and why. It was so great. After the devotionals we usually have a little branch meeting where we talk about the devotional and while I was waiting for my companion and I saw Great-Uncle John and Great-Aunt Trish Allen!  It was the coolest thing ever! I gave Trish my French hymn book to give to Grandma Tippets for me. I'm so glad to hear that she got it. 

Wednesday I saw Tate (or Elder Hansen). He looked so "cute" with his orange sticker on his tag, which means he is a new missionary!!!! Hahaha!  He looked excited and ready to be a missionary, so Jill,.... he is in good hands! 

I hurt myself all of the time playing rowdy missionary basketball during gym and I think I have a broken ankle.. hahaha!  JK Mom!  I'm ok, I just rolled it....JK again!!! I know mom is dying!!

I hear Rocky misses me. Hahaha suckers!  He loves me more than you guys!! Give him a treat for me!! And tell Lauren that I saw Blake Smith...he left for Brazil yesterday I think.

I am getting really good at flicking bottle caps.....we discover a lot of our hidden talents here at the MTC!  And I gave a "money" lesson in French... my practice investigator actually committed to baptism so yeah, I'm pretty good...hahaha!

Man, it's good to write to you guys.... sorry there is not much new to say. And mom, I need a card reader to upload pics. Can you send me an SD card reader for my camera?  Love you tons...and maybe send sunflower seeds (cracked pepper and chili lime) since they destroyed my Jimmy John's sandwiches you tried to send in! I love you all! Oh, Jack sent me an Austin Powers card it was so funny!

Love you Boyd, Tippets, Scown and Bateman families and everyone back at home .......

P.S. I learned something cool about Christ. If you research all of his stories you notice that in times of trial he always turns outward to people and talked about others; he never once turned inward or talked about himself. Not once.


Elder Boyd

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