Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 88: Just your average week on a mission

Hey guys!

After emailing on Monday we were super tired again and so we took a massive nap and just chilled haha. It was pretty chill.

We go on a run to this spot and back every morning
Tuesday we got back to work!! we saw sister Colette in the morning and she was doing great! We talked again a lot about baptism with her, she keeps on bringing it up!! We noticed that here in Ua Huka we talk a lot about baptism because they all ask a lot of questions about baptism and how that works, so we actually try to make that a center of every lesson; like if we are teaching the restoration or the plan of salvation we try to center those lessons around baptism!!

Wednesday we headed over the Hane, which is the neighboring valley (it's super pretty) to see some investigators. We tried doing a lesson with a crazy Catholic, but it was literally impossible to teach them! We tried so hard, haha, but we gave up after we talked about how the apostles were killed and the gospel was lost for a small while. They responded that the apostles were never killed they went and hid in a magic house that kept them alive for a long time hahahahahahaha. We tried to explain to them but you can't explain the gospel to someone who doesn't want to listen.

Friday the boat came so we went and picked up our stuff! Everyone on the island was busy with the boat and the tourists, so we did a bunch of planning.

We did some service projects and some good lessons on Saturday and we planned for church!!

Sunday we had church and it was good but we didn't have as many people because there was a big event on the island, but we still had ten people at church!!

So this week was good. It was just a normal week in the service of God, but we are motivated to help the church grow here, and the church WILL grow here if we are motivated and patient. The Lord knows best and knows how, and he works by the small things first. That is how His big and eternal plans are realized (Alma 37:6-7).

Have a great week. Love you guys.

Elder Boyd 

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