Thursday, April 13, 2017

Week 86: We learn through our experiences

Hello everyone!!! So this week was a super busy week!!

After emailing on Monday, we went and ate with a family and we watched a church-sponsored movie and just chilled haha we were tired after last week!! Then that night we had a lesson with Melodie and then Aldo and his son Ryan! T'was great!!

Tuesday, the sisters Marie Christine and Chantal had a full list of their friends that we can visit, they have been praying on their own asking God to show them where they should take us and that is pretty much what they have done! So we saw a bunch of people and had some really great lessons!

Wednesday we had a bunch of lessons and then Christine and Chantal took us to see Moeata (the sister in law of Christine) and her father in law Rataro! So they were accepting and we started talking about prophets and the restoration and they loved it!! They just kept asking questions and then Rataro asked for a blessing, he has prostate cancer!! So we gave him a blessing, and after the blessing he just got teary eyed and they invited us the come back over!! Oohhh man it was great!

Thursday the sisters took us to one of their friends named C who is having some pretty intense marriage problems so we gave her a blessings and it is sooo amazing to watch the power of the priesthood change people in an instant!! This week we gave maybe 15 plus blessings and man this island really needed the priesthood!

Friday we did our district meeting with the elders of Nuku Hiva, it was good to see them again even if it was by Skype! They are doing great and then we went and saw some more people!

Saturday: is the day that everyone goes and plays futsal and drinks and stuff like that so we put that day away to do all of our planning. We did our weekly planning and then a planning with the sisters to plan this upcoming week, and planned church!

Sunday: Church is a little different here. Because there are so few members, we do primary first and then a sacrament meeting, with a little lesson instead of a bunch of talks. It was actually super great. I like it!! We had 10 people there and 5 of them were investigators!! We should have even more next week

In the church we LEARN many valuable principles but sometimes we cannot fully understand them until we experience them. This is the way God lets us fail, and this is why we are free to choose what we do, because God can then help us UNDERSTAND His principles through our experiences!! That is what I came to realize even more strongly this week!!

Love you guys have a great week

-- Elder Boyd

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