Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 87: Jesus us the light of the world

Hey guys, so this week was super great!!

A picture with Yolinda's kids Ramana and Parina at our missionary home
On Monday after our Pday stuff we  ate with Marie Christine and her family! Let me just say that she is our Marquesan Mom haha! She is totally mom-like; just like a classic Utah Mormon mom who won't stop feeding us and taking care of us haha -- its funny and awesome all at the same time!! Then that night we read with Melodie...every night we go over to read with her to help her stop smoking and to keep her mind on better things!! 

We got back to work on Tuesday and Wednesday and just had some good days of lessons!! We were talking with Marie Christine and Marie Chantal about how most missionaries gain weight on this mission, but for some weird reason I have lost weight!! I showed them a pic of me before the mission and they were freaking out haha, so this whole week they were trying hard to make me gain my weight back! They are just making a whole lot of food...bring it on Sisters! Haha!

Thursday we had a lesson with C. She has a bombin' house and it's decorated all local like and pretty! She was a lady that we gave a blessing to the week before and she really felt the Spirit. Apparently her husband moved to Tahiti and is living there and it's been super hard on her because she is alone and sad about him leaving. 

She loved the blessing we gave her and she is so focused on the things we teach her! When she talked about the blessing she was like "you guys are powerful, you have a power" (it kinda reminded me of when Ammon cut off the arms of those guys and the king thought he was the great spirit) but we simply explained the priesthood! The power to act in God's's not's Him. I'm so glad to be a priesthood holder! It's a privilege to get to see God work His miracles through you! I just really love it! She believes everything we have taught and she is honestly listening to her heart! We talked a lot about baptism!! 

Friday was a good day..had district meeting by Skype and a bunch of other stuff.

On Saturday we did service projects all day!! In the morning we went and cut C's lawn, (in Polynesia they don't use lawn mowers, they use weed eaters to cut the lawn so it is always pretty interesting) and then we had a lesson with Ronny...'twas great! Then we helped Aldo (Marie Christine's husband) with his work because he was super sick this week. We went and fed his goats and his pigs and all that. The Marquesan lifestyle here on Ua Huka is so simple!! They don't need a whole lot of money! If they are hungry they can either go to the store or they can go hunting for wild goats, cows or pigs, haha it's crazy!!

Sunday we had 15 present at church and that was soooooo great! Our first week we only had seven but now we have 15 and 7 of them are our investigators!! This Sunday it was my turn to do the lesson and I was grateful to do the lesson on Easter! (btw there is no Easter bunny here...yes I know that's pretty sad but it lets us focus on the right things). I did the lesson on the signs of Jesus' birth and death that we read about in the Book of Mormon. Samuel the Lamanite prophesied of the signs of his coming and his death, and it is a great thing to study. 

Samuel prophesied that when Christ will be born there will be continuous light for a space of a few days and then when He dies there will only be darkness for the space of 3 full days; no light whatsoever! In 3 Nephi 1 we see the signs of His coming and then in 3 Nephi 8-10 we see what happened during those three days of darkness. But what I love the most is when it says in 3 Nephi 10 that on the morning of the third day the darkness was gone and the light came back (the morning Jesus was resurrected). Then in 3 Nephi 11 Jesus appeared to the Nephites and said "I am the light of world"! 

I love that message our Father in Heaven shows us!! Jesus Christ IS the light of the world! Without Him there would be no light, no hope, and no way to get back to our heavenly home! Jesus Christ is a resurrected being and because he is living we have light, hope, and a way to move forward!!

Have a great week!!!

Love you guys!

Elder Boyd

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