Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Week 76: Caught a yellow fish. We do our best, and God does the rest

It was a great week in Nuku hiva!

After we emailed on Monday we went fishing with Brother Bonno who is a inactive member and a really great guy. We went fishing for a few hours, and guess what? I actually caught some fish haha! I caught a cool yellow fish that was pretty awesome...it was a good time. 

Fish I caught on P-Day
After that we had a lesson with a Sister named Cynthia and she has studied with the Mormon missionaries for like 20 years!! Holy cow! So we re-contacted her and tried to start things up again!

On Tuesday and Wednesday we really got back to work and had pretty busy days! Tuesdays on the mission are usually the busiest and the best days; you are just running back and forth from lesson to lesson haha! At the end of the day we had a lesson with Steven who is 19 years old. Last week we set his baptism day for the 18th of February but during this lesson he was saying the he wants to "take advantage of the world" right now, and then get baptized later when he is older and has had some fun!! Elder McQuiston and I were just begging him not to make that decision. He said that he would pray about it, so let's hope he is open to what God tells him this week.

We had a lesson set up with Cynthia on Thursday morning and we invited Sister Ellis who is awesome BTW! She was converted three years ago and she is married to an American named Kevin. He is super cool but he doesn't yet believe in God. But with the strong testimony of his wife, I think he will be converted one day for sure! Anyway, we show up to Cynthia's house for the lesson and she wasn't there...bummer! But Sister Ellis thought of her older sister so we went to go and see her! She was home and was willing to talk a little bit and the lesson was good until we talked about the family...then the lesson was INSANELY GOOD haha!! She totally loved the message and wants us to come back! Sister Ellis said they have tried over and over with her and that she normally never accepts the offer to return and talk about more gospel principles.  She is definitely being prepared by God...you can just feel it! Her name is Ann-Marie by the way!

Friday was a good day. We had district meeting and a bunch of lessons.

Saturday was great! We did a bunch of Skype lessons with our investigators from Ua Huka (the neighboring island) and they went really well. It was a good day.

Elder McQuiston and I working the jungle
On Sunday we went to Church and I still can't get over how small the little branch is! My whole life I've been in a big ward and I've served my mission up to this point in decently bigger wards. So this is definitely a change! After church we had Branch Counsel which was a bit interesting! It's funny how much things change according to the culture.  Marquesas is a completely different place, but it's great! I honestly love it here! 

Then we went and ate with Sister Ellis and Kevin (the American) and he is super cool. We just talked about Newport Beach and movies and many things that you just can't talk about with Tahitians or Marquisians because they have not idea what you are talking about!

This week I learned in Alma 26:22 that if we do our best to have faith in Christ and repent everyday that God will give us many things. Like he can open our mind to more gospel knowledge. He will reveal things to us that have never been revealed to our mind before and he will help us have success by helping others around us to have faith in what we are teaching and be willing to repent.  It's totally true! We can only give our best and God does the rest! 

Have a great week! Love you guys and miss you!!

Elder Boyd

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