Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 77: Elder Boyd testifies about what helps him believe in God (Alma 36)

Kaoha Nui! 

Last Monday after we did our emailing we went to play basketball with some really cool members. It was super pretty too because the court is just right beside the ocean! It was a pretty chill Pday! For family night we wanted to do a thing we call "Soirée Quartier"...It's basically FHE but everyone in the neighborhood is invited so it's a great way to find investigators.  Our branch mission leader hosted it and we watched "Meet the Mormons"! We had 12 investigators there and our branch mission leader was sooo giddy haha! He was pumped that we actually had investigators there! It was neat to see his excitement!

Tuesday we got back to the grind...ha! We had lessons almost every hour and man I was sooo tired that night.  That's the way it's supposed to feel on the mish!

Wednesday was the grind round 2! We are getting down to business! We found some new investigators and were super busy! I finally got my bike there on the island so now we could do things a little bit faster.  It was great to be able to pick up the speed. That night we were supposed to go and see Steven but he was working late. We didn't really a have a chance to see him this week so there's no news on his situation, but we have a lesson with him tomorrow, so wish us luck.  

On Thursday we went to see some investigators that I really like. The wife is named Leila and the husband is named Rapuni. Rapuni is a pretty smart guy and we were just talking to him like friends!  He would tell us stories in his life when he felt like the Spirit was telling him something. He has had many expériences that have helped him believe in God, and he asked about the Mormons and why are we different and stuff.  

We talked about Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, Plan of Salvation and stuff like that, and then he asked me directly about my expériences. He wanted to know what has helped me believe in God and to feel that He is there to help me.  I shared a few verses from Alma 36 which is when Alma talks about the joy he felt and even his repentance process. I expressed to him that we all make my life I have certainly made some mistakes...and that it's through this repentance process that we can no longer be "tortured by the remembrance of my many sins". The Spirit was sooo strong in that moment and we could feel it so strongly. 

Then Rapuni was quiet and ended the conversation and was like, "I gotta get going to work." It was weird to me that he ended the conversation right after that moment. He hurried in the house and his wife said goodbye to us. I don't know what this man was feeling or what lead him to end the conversation like that.  I could tell that something about that conversation hit him really hard. I'm excited to see him this week and to talk to him. I will keep you posted.

Friday was a day of meetings and planning.  We set out our goals and plans for the week.

We had another busy day of lessons on Saturday and did our best to contact more investigators. 

On Sunday after Sacrament Meeting the branch mission leader, his wife, Sister Ellis, and the two of us went to the other side of the island to a village named Aakapa. It was like a two hour drive so we could see some of the members over there. We are going to organize a prayer group so that these members can take the sacrament on Sundays in their own village. It's really hard for them to get to the other side of the island and they need the opportunity to take the sacrament. Man is it super pretty here in Nuku Hiva...i mean it is just soo pretty! It is really an amazing place!

K guys have a great week! Love you all!

Elder Boyd

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