Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 78: When FHE cancels ... make burritos.

Hey guys!

Monday we did a bombin' hike! Slightly dangerous, but it was super fun!! I sent pics of it last week! Then we got ready for our FHE and right when we were walking out the door, the member called us and canceled! So I made burritos for us and man it was good! I found taco seasoning in the cupboard, and I got soo excited!!

This week was a little bit harder because a lot of people canceled on us, we had a day full of scheduled lessons, we had 8 planned but 6 canceled or weren't there when we showed up! It was a bummer, but we still made good use of our time contacting, visiting old investigators, and visiting members, so it was still a great day!

We planned that every Wednesday we would ride our bikes to the next valley called Taipivai, and we would stay there the whole day. There are two active member families (the Ah-Schas and the Chus) that live there, so we planned to go with them and see some of their friends, and we had some great success. We met an inactive member and his wife who is not a member but she believes in the church (she is just waiting for her husband to get his act together). The husband's name is Rocky haha I totally call him Rocky Balboa; he is a good guy so we will help him get on a good path so his family can be in the church!

Thursday we had our lesson with Sister Marie, the sister in law of our branch mission leader. She is probably our biggest potential because she is interested and she has family helping her through this process. I noticed that when you teach someone who is interested and ready to hear the gospel message you can see a certain light in their eyes, and it is amazing to see. It's like God's spirit is changing them in that very moment. I never really noticed it before, but now it's something I notice easily!

Elders McQuiston and Boyd working Taipivai

Friday: We had a lesson in the morning and then we had district meeting by Skype and my comp, Elder McQuiston, gave a killer lesson! Then we went out to see some members and some old investigators, then we did our weekly planning!

Saturday was great. We planned a missionary activity and some of the members came. Basically we talked about missionary work and the importance of members' role in the work, then we did some role playing and had them practice sharing a message about the family.  We had them write down names of five friends, then we split up into three teams and we all went to visit those friends for an hour. It was super awesome because the members actively engaged in finding people for us to teach and THEY shared the messages.  We were able to get a few good references from it, invite new people to family night activity we set up, and found a new and solid investigator!!

Visiting bro Gendron

Sunday we attended church in our little branch and were invited to dinner with Kevin (the American) and his wife sister Ellis, and then we visited some investigators and some less-actives!!

This week we weren't able to see Rapuni and Leila -- they were busy -- and we were a bit busy too, but we will try and see them this week!!

I always will say that the biggest thing I learned on my mission is the principle of repentance; it's sooo important and necessary for our happiness! When someone changes for good, God forgives and rejoices! That's what I have felt so personally in my life!

Have a great week!

Elder Boyd

Note: Connor's Valentine's Package is somewhere between New Zealand and Tahiti and will probably reach him in Nuku Hiva next month (even thought we sent the first week of January). Hope he enjoys a few snacks and thoughts from home.

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