Sunday, January 8, 2017

Week 72: New Year, splits with Elder Roylance

Happy New Year! So this week was pretty great!

Last P-day after we emailed our district was totally craving burritos so we bought all this burrito stuff and we made  Mexican food! Elder Ruff and I cooked it and it actually tasted really good! Haha! So I'm officially a good cook now.
Mexican food with our District

That afternoon we had a lesson with the Diard family and they are still doing super great!! They are really progressing! Then we had a small family night with Sebastian and his future wife!!!
On Tuesday we headed out to work but it is still winter vacation here so it's hard to do lessons but we still had a great day full of lessons!
Wednesday we had another boatload of lessons it was a pretty normal day.  We are really trying to focus on listening to the Spirit in every one of our lessons. On this mission I've learned so much from the Spirit, the Spirit testifies and TEACHES, and that is something that I have really learned while teaching. It is not me teaching, it's the Spirit. The Spirit simply needs me to be the spokesperson (so to speak..ha!) 
In so many lessons I have said things that I have never ever thought of before! So many things have just popped up in my mind during the lesson and I recognize that I am being led by the Spirit. Inspiration/revelation is "thoughts to the mind, and feelings to the heart" and I have really seen that come to life in lessons!!! In missionary work having the Spirit with you is sooooooo important! Jesus himself even explained that if the Spirit is not there then his testimony is nothing...meaning that the miracles he does and the things he teaches is only significant because the Spirit is testifying to us that these things are true!
Teiho who I taught in Fa'aripo a year ago got baptized

On Thursday
 we did splits..... Ruff went to Mo'orea and Elder Roylance (who serves in Mo'orea) came with me for the day. Elder Roylance is cool he is actually from AF, he went to AF high school! I think mom knows his mom!
I dropped Elder Roylance off at the boats and picked up Elder Ruff on Friday, and when Ruff got off the boat he was talking to a tourist family that was from Utah. They talked to us for a while, and then the dad totally just handed us 100 bucks! We tried over and over to refuse be he wouldn't take no for an answer! So wow!!!!! So we did our district meeting, and then after the meeting we took the entire district out to a cool pizza place and we ate lunch and used that 100 bucks to feed everyone! What a great surprise for all of us! Then that night we ate with one of my favorite members ever, Andy! He served a mission in Louisiana and he's super great!

On Saturday we tried to do lessons but everyone was partying, seriously, it was nuts! But that night we hung out with Sebastian and his future wife (Mereana) and it was great.  We ate super fancy food and had a really nice time. 
Sunday we had church at eight o'clock in the morning and no investigators came! So sad! They really ring in the New Year hard over here hahahaha!! It was Andy's last day in the ward cause he is moving to Huahine!! So we took a few pictures and got each others contact info and then said Goodbye.  (That is one thing I'm sick of doing.......saying "Goodbye" to everyone)
Then after Church we went with some of the Young Adults and sang songs for people in the hospital and Hiti (our convert) was there with us.  He's still doing great, and he is starting to prepare for a mission, cause he really wants to go! That guy is so awesome! That night the district ate with the High Council leader (the one who is responsible for the missionary work)and he is great. We are really gonna start working a lot with that guy. He's a great addition to the work in this area. 

Have a great week don't forget to read your scriptures, say your prayers, and go to church. The little things make such a difference. It does a lot more that you think!!!!!

Love you all!

Elder Boyd

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