Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week 73: Putting a drunk man to sleep safely

On Pday after we did our emailing and reports the sister missionaries showed up to do their emails and they had this super cool, new Monopoly game. So we started to play that while we were waiting for them to finish their work, and then they joined in. Before we knew it the game got crazy fun and intense! So we literally played Monopoly for like 5 hours straight. I'm good with my money, but I had really bad luck at the beginning so I did an emergency upgrade for everything and then I came back to shock everyone (I don't have the energy to explain it very well, but just know that it was super cool) and I won! Legit! 

After that we had a lesson with the family Diard (they are doing great, but they are having a few trials right now but its ok they will get through them for sure). Then we had FHE with Sebastian! 'Twas a pretty great day!!

Tuesday we got back to work and had a good day full of lessons and hard work! 

On Wednesday we went to visit JP because he wanted to do a fast that night for his wife and for him because he wants to get better and get on the right track. So we showed up that night but apparently he had been super tempted by his brothers to drink and he drank, like he REALLY drank! I guess he had a bunch of rum (and now I understand why Jack Sparrow is the way he is) and holy Hannah, rum must be strong! So Elder Ruff and I brought him to his bed and we sat next to him until he fell asleep! 

I love that guy so much, and you can tell that he loves the missionaries and wants to do better. For the past 3 years missionaries have been stopping by his house and helping him out. He has a pretty hard life, so yeah, I feel pretty bad for him! I feel like God sends missionaries just to keep him going and know that someone cares. It was the first time that I have ever had to put a drunk man to sleep, and it was a little strange to see!

We had Leaders Council on Thursday and we talked about our vision for this year and all the things we can to better in the mission/zones. It's always a great meeting and I always learn so many new things. I'm grateful for the experience that I've had to be a zone leader.  It can be busy and hard, but it's such a great experience and I've learned so much!

Friday we had a our zone meeting and it was great. We talked about what we want to do for our missions, and who we want to become!

On Saturday we did a big fast with the high council leader that is in charge of missionary work, Brother Temaiana. He is super great and a hard worker, and he really cares about the missionary work!!

We ended our fast on Sunday and had a few lessons and then we went to a huge meeting with the Stake President and all the high council leaders. We talked about a plan of action and set goals with the stake. This stake has got to focus together if they want to have baptisms. The goal they set was to have 15 baptisms for each ward so that would be 105 baptisms for the stake and that is a boatload!!!! They can do it if they put trust in their missionaries and listen for promptings from the Spirit. If they start doing that, they will achieve this goal!!

Never forget that our Father in Heaven loves us, and that his son, Jesus Christ, was sent to show us the way and to open the gates through his atoning sacrifice!! If we focus on Him we will have the joy that we are searching for, because it is here!!

Have a great week!

Elder Boyd

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