Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Week 68: Elder Paxman returns home, Elder Ruff comes in as ZL

Hey guys! Sooo this week was a good one, but is was my last week with Elder Paxman.

On Monday we went to the market in Papeete so Elder P. could get some souvenirs for his family! But of course, a guy wanted to "Bible Bash" with Paxman and me, but we didn't engage. I hate that corn! Haha!

Tuesday was awesome. We had a load of lessons to do, it was super busy and super great!! We took Hiti and Nicolas to the genealogy center to help them find some of their ancestors and that was really cool. I even learned a little bit about my genealogy as well. Apparently mom or someone else already did a whole lot of my genealogy, so looks like I'm set; thanks mom or grandma or whoever it was!! :)

Hiti's baptism a few weeks ago

Wednesday we were prompted to visit a lady that we haven't seen in a long time because she wasn't really interested. When we showed up to her house she let us in and told us what had happened to her since we last tried going by her house. Apparently her granddaughter was recently diagnosed with cancer, so that is prompting questions that the Plan of Salvation can answer perfectly!!  Do we have the answer for her, or what?! Haha! It was a great opener so we started talking about that and she just started crying! We totally knew we were there for a reason.

Elders Boyd and Sovereign

We had Leader's Council again on Thursday and it was super great. It is always awesome to see my old buddies in the mission and to get inspired by the new messages. There were a lot of leaders in the Council (we can call it the Jedi Council) who went home today, so we are getting a lot of new newbies this transfer! It will be interesting.

Friday was a busy day of lessons and then we ate at a restaurant with the Teheiura family and it was super gooooooooooddddd food! Haha!

Squinting in to the sun after taking Nicolas to the Temple

We took Nicolas to the temple to go and do baptisms for the dead on Saturday and it was sooooo cool! He was so excited and ready to go!! When we were in the temple with him he was so happy and you could today tell that he was feeling the spirit!! As soon as we finished he said that he was going to come back every Saturday with his grandma!! Super awesome!!! Then we had a lesson with the Diard family and it was great. We ate with them, we ate like French people haha!

Sunday was a good, busy day. Paxman and I bore our testimonies and taught lessons.

Sorry this email was super short haha! I got on late today because this morning I had to drop off Paxman so he could do his final preparations to return home and then I had to handle all the transfers in my zone and and for the zone right next to us. The ZL's there were both super sick so they couldn't drive so I had to handle all of their transfers and then had to get my new companion (his name is Elder Ruff, he is super cool btw) so my head is still spinning! 

Elder Paxman, Hiti at his baptism, and Elder Boyd -- A good note for Paxman to finish on

But yeah, I'm still looooovvviinnnggg the mission, it's super great! The only thing that is tough is that I don't like saying "Goodbye" all the time!! Today was another day of goodbyes. Paxman and I served four months together and we had a lot of success. We fought hard for our baptisms and I'm proud of Paxman and the missionary he has become. He was a good example for me and I will miss him!!

Love you guys and have a great week!

Elder Boyd

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