Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Week 69: First week with Ruff and following the promptings of the spirit in teaching

Hey guys! So this week was a pretty good one!

After handling all of the transfer stuff on Monday and saying goodbye to Pax, Elder Ruff and I got to work on Tuesday. We had a lesson with the Taiti family and they are doing super great! They just keep progressing really well. Then we planned a missionary activity that we are doing this Thursday. We are going to show some of the church Christmas videos and then some members will bear their testimonies. We hope it will be a great missionary tool!

Elders Boyd and ?

On Wednesday we had a bunch of lessons and it was a pretty normal day of work. Until we were out contacting and these guys that were super big druggies let us in. Of course we didn't realize it right away, but we started sharing a message with them and they seemed like they were super into it. Then their dad walked out and saw us a freaked out! Haha he totally kicked us out! 

Then we had a lesson with the Diard family. The lesson was great and the Spirit lead us to talk about repentance again! It's like the 4th time we have talked about it but they always seem interested in that message and I guess it is something they really need to understand for some reason.  But we are not about to question the Spirit!

Thursday was pretty busy. We went to the Church to try and see if we could make some invitations for our activity, but then we felt that we needed to go and see an investigator that we used to teach, her name is Rere. Rere used to be very good investigator, but apparently while she was taking the lessons she and her husband had a big fight about investigating the church. It was quite a while ago, but when we pulled up she was super happy! Her son had a lung infection that is super dangerous so she asked us to give him a blessing and the husband was there as well. So we went into the room with everyone and gave the son a blessing. The Spirit was super strong so we asked if we could talk a little bit and they said yes! Even the husband came to the lesson! What a miracle! 

So yeah the lesson was great and they both cried (even the husband). Yeah, that was a miracle this week! You just never know when people who you thought you might never teach again will suddenly be ready to receive the message of the gospel again! 

Later that night we went to see Leia and Floras dance recital (Diard family--Sebastian and Rosalie's two daughters) and man they are really good at Tahitian dancing. They are talented and it was fun that they asked us to come. Then we ate Mcdonalds with them which made sitting through a dance recital all worth it! Hahahaha!

During the weekend the Diard family had a little setback again, but we went a saw them and talked about it and tried to help them work through things. We almost lost them (that would have been the worst) but we left them that day with the Spirit and a good feeling. Later in the day on Saturday Sebastian sent a text and said that he is reading his scriptures and praying and asking God for help and Rosalie is doing the same! It looks like they are doing a lot better. I'm super proud of both of them. They have learned to turn to the Lord in times of trial and to let Him help them!

This week was super great. We had a lot of miracles and we saw the Lord's hand often. We may be able to set some baptismal dates this week!! Pray!!

Love you guys and have a great week!

Elder Boyd

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