Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 70: Christmas Program on Tahitian TV

Hey guys! How is everyone doing? As you probably know by now, the local television station wanted to do a Christmas special on the LDS missionaries, so President Bize called a few missionaries to come over to the mission home on Monday and we did the program. It was pretty great ... actually it was scary being on camera. It aired locally on TahitiNui TV on December 18th.

Elder Connor Boyd can be seen at the beginning and end singing, and his intro is at the 5:20 mark at this link:

Tuesday was bombin'! We had a bunch of lessons but I don't really remember anything that would be that significant to tell you about. Just lots of lessons! Haha!

On Wednesday we had another  busy day of lessons, and we had a great lesson with the Teiti family. The dad is a member, but currently inactive. The mom and the kids are Catholic, but we have been teaching them for quite a while and they looooovvvveeeee taking the lessons. We have been starting to talk about marriage and baptism, and you can see that they are starting to get a testimony of everything. They are really getting ready!

The Orbeck family took us to dinner again this week.  Love this family!

We met a new investigator on Thursday named Thierry. He is a little "out there" in that he is part of a group that is fighting for Tahitian independence. They want Tahiti to be an independant country because right now they are a part of France. France is honestly the thing keeping them up and alive. If they were independent, it would be so hard for Tahiti to get any resources! We will see how long this independent group of people lasts, but we hope Thierry can embrace the gospel. 

That night we had our little video watching night and activity with our investigators. The family Diard,  the other Sebastian, Nicolas (recent convert) and few other new people came. We watched the "Nativity" video, then the "Resurrection", the #lighttheworld video (which is super awesome btw), and "Because of Him", Between every video we had a member bear their testimony. Bishop bore his testimony and then me and Elder Ruff. And then our new convert Nicolas (he's a stud) bore his testimony! It was super great and our investigators looooovvvveeeddd it because it was simple and powerful. I loved it because it was only 45 minutes long! Hahaha! We can do a lot in 45 minutes!

District meeting was on Friday and the district had another great week! After the meeting we did more lessons! We found out one of our investigators was gay so that was a pleasant experience...not sure how we missed that.  

 Tahitian Doorbell
Finding a Doorbell in Tahiti is a rare thing. It took 18 months to find one. Normally you Yell "IA ORANA" and people either come out or yell back. See what happened with ... The Doorbell ...

On Saturday we found a new neighborhood and it was a richer neighborhood. These areas are tougher to contact in, but we decided to try. We didn't quite finish the neighborhood, but almost everyone said "no" immediately! Sad! But there was one guy that said we could come back so we will see how that goes! Maybe he was the ONE that needed us that day.

Sunday was so great! The Diard family, Teiti family, and 4 other investigators came to church and it was sooooo awesome! We are finally getting some great blessings and our hard work is paying off. The Zone is doing super great as well. Every month the mission does a challenge for the zones and this is like the first time that ARUE has been in the lead and we are super excited! I'm so proud of our missionaries!

Elders Boyd and Ruff after a great meal at "The Trailer"

Like I said in my last letter.... I have learned so much about repentance on this mission. Repentance allows all of us to become better people, even if we have major weakness. Repentance can turn people's lives around.  I have seen it bless people's lives and it blesses mine too. 

Have a great week and love you guys! We will be Skyping in just a few days!!! 

Elder Boyd

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